Thursday, April 19, 2018

Franklin and Erin Condren Planner Quarter Year Update

Today I'm linking up with Lauren, where every third Thursday of the month, you can share any posts related to scrapbooks, planners, Project Life, and anything else that relates to memory keeping! I thought it would be fun to do a planner update video. Previously I had showed the two planners I was going be using for 2018. I am using the Franklin Covey for regular everyday life, and the Erin Condren I am using for blogger life.

Everyday Life:

I use my Franklin Covey for everyday life. Appointments for myself, the kids, when Mr. is traveling, when we have people visiting, you get the idea. I came up with writing down appointments back when I was in college. I used to do colored pens, but I kept losing the colored pens and when I was out and about and wanted to write an appointment down, I couldn't because I didn't have my colored pens. So I eventually changed it to highlighters so I could write it down in any color and then highlight what it was. This is my highlighter color coding system.

Color Code: 

Orange = birthday/anniversaries
Blue = Work
Green = appointments I have, or need to get someone to
Yellow = Baby Fox's extra curricular (you notice how much is yellow in here...)
Purple = Mini Fox's extra curricular

Blogger Life:

I contemplated blogging and my personal calendar all in one calendar, but it was too much information and with such tiny squares, it wasn't going to work. So I separated it and it's been great! Sometimes I put personal information into the blog calendar, like when we're going to be on vacation, but usually I remember. I do highlight in blue my off Fridays, cause that's always constant. This is my color coding system for my blog planner.

Color Code:

Green = My posts
Pink = Link Up post
Orange = The Blended Blog affiliated
Purple  = YouTube Related
Yellow = Filming Day
Blue = off Fridays from work

Watch the video for what I really think and how they are working for me! Thanks for watching and please give it a thumbs up!

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