Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Best Cheap Sunnies

Happy Wednesday Fox Friends! We started something new over on The Blended Blog to help plan your fashion posts, we thought it would be fun to go back to the orginial way we did fashion posts, by bossing your around and telling you what the topic of the week was. This week is sunglasses. Let me tell you, my relationship with sunglasses is a tumultuous one.  Knowing this, I know not to buy expensive ones. Enter the best aviator sunglasses EVER! Actually Mr. bought them first and then I stole all of his, so he ordered more. They are cheap enough you can have a pair in all of your cars, plus your purse. I have them in both the blue and brown.

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jumpsuit (same style different print, similar here, and here) / sunglasses

Oh and one of the best parts, built in bra and it's a little padded, so you know if you're cold, no one will be able to tell. I wish I had gotten a size smaller, but it still works. Now to get it hemmed, it's 4 inches too long, haha #shortgirlproblems before summer starts.

The necklace is from my friends shop, she has amazing things and was just featured in OC Fashion week! I adore this one, need to tell her I want one. I have this one and wear it ALL the time, it's my go to if I don't feel like trying to find something, it always works. (not affiliate, just really like her stuff).

No way around taking pictures with sunglasses and not seeing what is in front of you...pool and tripod.

Seriously, these glasses are bomb dot com. Plus they come with a hard shell case AND a glasses sleeve. Talk about getting your money worth.

Also linking up with  Anne and this months co-host Jessica for Currently. This months topics are showering, cultivating, expecting, making, and buying.

Showering: Daily? Not sure what I'm suppose to write? Although a friend of mine is pregnant and will probably have a baby shower, so baby shower? Other then that, nothing.

Cultivating: Baby Fox's karate skills. He is doing so well. We stopped for about 4 months and are back at it and it was like no time has passed. I'm excited to see how he grows from here.

Expecting: To got to the beach a LOT this summer. Last summer, well Fall (September and October) we started going a lot with the kids and they had a blast. Now that they are older and more independent we can sit and watch them and not have to play with them the whole time we are there.

Making: Trying out new recipes. I'm starting a new series over on my YouTube channel about trying out random recipes I find and documenting what went wrong, what I would do different the next time. I've tried (but didn't document) Instant Pot Risotto, and it turned out great and it was super easy! I also tried cooking a whole chicken in the Instant Pot, SO yummy!

Buying: Ulta has their 21 days of beauty and they had my favorite eyeliner for half off! So naturally I bought 2, and then I had to get to free shipping, so I bought another one of my favorite eyelash curler (cause it was $5 off, still is) and going to try a new hair mask. Friday they have my favorite Tarte Lip Paint, it's should get some, it's only $10 (normally $20) a tube...worth it! I might pick up enough to get to free shipping, hehe.

Link up your fashion posts below, thank you for making this link up such a success!

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