Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Favorites #174

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Today we're road tripping it up to Northern California to do a whirlwind trip of visiting 3 different families in 5 days. We got this. Sorry not too many posts this week...just wasn't feeling it, ya know? Anyway, here are my favorites from the week:

Last Friday was my day off and my parents and I decided to go down to San Clamente pier to enjoy pier things and beach things. Also this is where we took our family photos 3 years ago. But the kids loved it.

View from where I was sitting at lunch.

Wasn't too busy on a Friday morning.

Lunch was delicious, will definitely go back here again. It's called Oyster Bar.

Shrimp tacos.

Baby Fox found a man fishing on the pier and stuck up a conversation, the fisherman said he could reel in a fish if he caught one. Baby Fox patiently waiting probably 30 minutes, and then we had leave, as we were walking away the man screams, I caught one!

So Baby Fox reeled in his first fish.

Then we got ice cream, cause isn't that what you do after you fish?

Went home caught up on stuff and then went to concert in a park, so fun. Although the band was...well we had fun with our friends.

Dancing fools.

Saturday was cousin day, we meet up with my cousins and their kids at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

And guess who was there? The Helpful Honda People (have you heard of them? Or is it just a Southern California thing?), anyway, they are from Honda and they do random acts of kindness, and we got a free backstage tour from them!

I highly recommend doing it if you can.

Sunday we did church, this is the donut crew.

And then we headed out for a birthday party. The kids got these swim caps from my aunt, so cute right?

More donuts!

I finally got to meet this little guy.

The posts I did manage to get out:

Wednesday: NSale Keeps
Thursday: Sentence A Day

Speaking of Sentence a Day, it's only August 3rd, you should join us next month! It's the first Thursday of the month. All you have to do is write one sentence each day. I love going back and reading my sentence from the month. Ideally you write one each day, but in reality I skip a few days and catch up.

Oh and I did manage to edit a video this week and get that out on my YouTube Channel.

Things that I want to buy:

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Do you guys have a list of things you want to buy? No? Just me? Anyway, here is the list of things I want to buy.

Backstory: I've been watching Mukbangs, I have no idea why this is a thing all of a sudden...but it is, I guess it's like eating with a friend you've never met? Anyway, I've been watching Stephanie Soo's Mukbags and she uses wooden forks and spoons, which had me intrigued, which makes me want to get some for myself...seems better to eat with wood than metal? The only problem with it is, I don't have anywhere to store it in my kitchen. Plus I'm fairly certain Mr. is going to think I'm crazy.

I think it would be better eating off of wood instead of metal? I'm going to contemplating buying these, and ultimately I probably I'll let you know.

I also want to try these curlers out. My cousin has them and says they're great...they might have to be bought soon. 

Happy Weekend! 

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