Monday, August 13, 2018

Northern California Vacation Recap Part 1

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! I was going to do one recap, but realized as I was loading 438 pictures for the first 2 days...that I needed to break it down a little more than that! We drove 1242 miles in 6 days. We didn't do any long vacations this year, rather we decided to do 2 long weekends. The first one happened August 2-7. Here is the recap for the first part.

We went to visit some friends that live in the San Jose area. We decided to use that as our home base, we stayed at a Hyatt Home, which was super nice. One bedroom with a full kitchen. Pretty nice, we didn't cook, but if we had wanted to, it was a nice option to have.

The drive took us about 7 hours, or so.

A whole lot of nothing.

Stopped at In and Out for lunch, which was about 3 hours into our drive.

The kids love after lunch because they finally get to play on the electronics.

When we got there, the kids played a lot and picked up right where we left off from our trip with them last year.

Friday we decided to meet at the Montery Bay Aquarium, yep more driving, it was about a 2 hour drive from our hotel.

The kids loved it, you know visiting two top 10 aquariums in one week, isn't too shabby. 

I think my favorite was the jelly exhibit.

Oh and the Sea Otters, they were super cute to watch play.

We wanted to see them feed the otters, so we got there 30 minutes early and the kids just stood there and watched, without getting antsy.

Then when the crowds came, Baby Fox was super protective over Mini Fox, it was so dang cute.

The otters, so dang cute! We could have watched them forever, oh wait we did, or at least if felt like that, standing there.

Finally the show starts!

Those are shrimps on his belly, and he just floated around with them hanging there, which he was eating the rest.

Oh and the open sea tank, was breathe taking. It's really hard to convey how big it was.

The views outside weren't too shabby either.

I do have to say that the touch tank isn't nearly as cool as the on in Long Beach.

Montery downtown was super cute too.

I think there was a candy shop on every block. We stopped at this one and picked up the necessities.

Then we headed to Denise The Menace Park, if you haven't been, I highly suggest going if you are in the Montery area. The kids loved it and kept asking to go back!

They liked this bridge.

And this merry go round...those yellow things on it...spin as well!

Kids found this lion drinking fountain funny.

After the park, I know we did a ton on this day! We headed to dinner on the pier, it was really good, we went around and tasted all of the restaurants Clam Chowder.

But ultimately picked this one, which happened to be the first one we tasted.

I got the bread bowl, it was yummy.

Baby Fox discovered he likes calamari.

The pier was really pretty all lite up at night.

Kids knocked out before we even hit the freeway I think.

Saturday we decided to go on a small hike, somewhere else, I have no idea where we went, it was about a 45 minute drive.

It had a gorgeous view.

The kids wanted to hike up that hill.

Mr. made it up with 3 of the kids.

Then we hit up the beach, where we were totally unprepared.

But had a change of clothes in the go get sandy kids!

Then we hit up Half Moon Bay for some dinner.

Girl was tired of walking, so boy picked her up and carried her. He's so strong, she's only...maybe 10-12 pounds lighter than him.

After dinner we went back to San Jose and went to this place called dang good!

They had a do'sant sandwich, Mr. said it was excellent.

I had a cookie sandwich, also delicious. 

The kids played tag, and the adults watched, the best kind of entertainment. After the two days we had, I can't believe they were still standing.

Then they found a lady bug.

Which brings us to the end with this set of friends. We were sad to say good-bye, but are going to plan another trip to see each other soon!

Stay tuned for part 2...when we visit some more friends in San Francisco, and some family in Santa Cruz!

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