Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Northern California Vacation Recap Part 2: San Francisco

Hi Foxy Friends! I decided to break our vacation down into who we visited. So yesterday I recapped visiting with our friends and their kids in the San Jose, Montery, Half Moon Bay (yep we were driving all over the place) part of the trip. Today I'm going to recap our Sunday with friends that were our orthodontists. Yep we met them because Mr. and I got Invisalign and they were the ones that we went to. Well they were working in the office of the person we went to. We became really good friends and started having kids around the same time. Our oldest are 10 days apart. Okay enough background, let's get to it.

We decided to meet up with them at their house before deciding what to do...the kids hit it off not missing a beat, even though it's been 3 years since they've seen each other.

We decided to go to Dim Sum first. My kids had never had it, and mostly liked it. They tried everything, so there was that.

This girl a) is growing up too fast, she said she liked her straps off her shoulders...umm..that would be a big fat no little girl b) makes using chopsticks easy...haha! Cause everyone can look that graceful using chopsticks with two hands.

We decided to catch the ferry over to San Francisco, we made it just in time, as we were running to catch it!

It took about an hour to get there, with a few stops along the way.

Once we got off, we realized, it was way to busy at this stop and we should have gotten off at the one prior...

So we hopped on a bus (which was free because the machine was broken, go us) and took it back to the first ferry stop.

From there, our friends decided they wanted to take Mr. on a coffee tour, so we stopped at a place, can't remember the name to get a shot of expresso, at least that's what I think they did, I ended up taking 3 kids to the bathroom. They were all done by the time I got back.

The first place was in this pretty building.

Then we walked around...to find another coffee shop, called Philz.

All the kids were so patient.

We decide we are going to walk to a park...it was probably a mile away, it took us forever and a day to get half way there...

So we took a break and got some ice cream.

We finally made it to the park! It took us about 1.5 hours to get there, haha, but the kids ran around and had a blast!

While the dads sat and relaxed (hey the rhymed!)

As we are walking back, we decide it's best if we take the BART back to the ferry.

But not before we stop to get some sort of pastry, I can't remember what it was, really it was on the way to the BART.

So we've taken a car, a boat, a bus and now a train.

Made it back before the next ferry.

After we got back we headed back to their place for dinner and hanging out. After dinner we tried to recreate, this picture....

Baby Fox (on the left) was about 4 weeks old.

and this picture:

She didn't want to participate, this one was the cutest.

One last picture together before we leave.

Until next time! We had so much fun catching up and seeing their new house. I hadn't seen it before, so it was nice to see what they've been up to the last few years! We are not going to let that much time pass before we see each other again.

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