Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday....er....Tuesday

Hi Foxy Friends! I can't believe the last time I linked up with  ShayMel and Sheaffer for their What's Up Wednesday was in March! No time like the present to do it now. So let's get started.

1. What We're Eating

This meatloaf....yum!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday we're going out to dinner...cause birthday week!

2. What I'm Reminiscing About

Baby Fox just went back to school yesterday, which got me thinking about when he started preschool....this was pre-sign stuff, or I can't find the picture...probably the case.

January 2015 (he started mid year).

September 2015

September 2016

September 2017

3. What I'm Loving

The new friends I've made this past year. I don't know what I'd do without them. Today Baby Fox had to find his own way to his classroom and he wasn't sure where to line up, but he figured it out and the other moms said, I've got your back, we'll find him and let you know he's okay. Made me feel better that there were people looking out for him. 

4. What We've Been Up To

Lot's of time hanging out with friends, soaking up every last minute of summer we can. Taking a couple of long weekends (recap to Northern California, here, here and here), and then Yosemite.

And lots of ice cream with friends.

5. What I'm Dreading

Currently not much...

6. What I'm Working On

Trying to get ready for Mini Fox's birthday party. I realize this is my last weekend before the party and I haven't done ANYTHING...oops!

7.  What I'm Excited About

Mini Fox's party next month...it's unicorn themed and I'm really hoping I have time to do all of the crafts that I want to do! Most likely not...but I'll certainly try! I'm going to try to make these...I can do it!

8. What I'm Watching/Reading

I just finished reading Crazy Rich Asian...really good book. And then went with my girlfriends to go see the movie, super good movie! I highly recommend.

9. What I'm Listening To

Not listening to much these days.

10. What I'm Wearing

Lots of rompers currently

11. What I'm Doing This Weekend

Doing all things party. Plus we're having some friends kids spend the night as the husband surprised the wife with a trip to France! So we're taking the kids for a night for them, give the grandparents a break.

12. What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Mini Fox's birthday party! Plus getting back into a routine...it's been a great summer, but ready to get back into the swing of regular life, getting the kids to bed on time and maybe getting back into blogging!

13. What Else is New?

Not much. Looking forward to the weather cooling down and wearing more than a shorts and a tank everyday.

Bonus: What's your favorite back to school tradition?

I love being able to drop the kids off at school and then pick them up and I take them for a first day treat. This was last year.

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