Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Favorites #175

Happy Friday! As you read this I'm probably driving towards Yosemite. We're splitting up the drive time, since we live so far from Yosemite, we don't want to waste one of our camping days driving, so we split it up so we can arrive bright and early on our first camping day. Anyway....let's get onto Friday favorites.

In case you missed it this week, I actually recapped our vacation last week.

Monday: Northern California Recap Part 1
Tuesday: Northern Califonria Recap Part 2: San Fransisco
Wednesday: Soon To Be Favorite Fall Outfit

Friday We finally went school shopping, it was a tough decision.

Darn this picture turned out blurry, hate when that happens.

Then my brother came to town and we picked up Baby Fox from coding camp.

Then Mr. and my brother and the kids headed to the movies to see the new Teen Titans Go movie. I stayed home and returned a bunch of stuff...then my parents came over for dinner, they made tacos they were delicious. Saturday Mr., my brother and the kids walked down to the local Starbucks.

These kids are part monkey.

Afterwards, my brother and I took Baby Fox to Sparring class. There were a ton of kids there.

Then we came home and went swimming!

Then some BBQ steaks for dinner.

It was national s'mores day on Friday, so we had to celebrate (got too late to do it on the actual day).

Monday the kids were super lucky and a family friend took them to Disneyland! They had a blast.

They decided to stay for fireworks, which meant that Mr. and I got an unexpected date night! We made it down to Laguna Beach just in time for the sunset.

Perfect way to end the day.

I really want to buy know me and tulle skirts...for the price, I think I HAVE to have it.

This song is really old, but I just really like it. So beautiful.

This was an interesting watch about a girl who trained as an elite gymnasts, Olympic hopeful, but ultimately decided she wanted to find the love of the sport again.

I think Ariana Grande is so talented, I love when she does singing things like this to show off her talent. Confession time: I saw Titanic twice in the theaters when it came out, own the movie and watch it every time it comes on TV whether I have time for it or not. When I first got my iPod Touch (yep dating myself here), I put Titanic on it as my first movie to watch while working out...yep crying on the treadmill, even though I've seen this movie 500 times! Note to self, don't watch sad movies while working out.

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