Monday, August 20, 2018

Northern California Recap Part 3: Santa Cruz

Morning Foxy Friends! Today I'm bringing you the last installment of our long weekend a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, we went to Monterey and then San Francisco to visit some friends. The last leg of our trip we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Aptos. They have the cutest house over looking the ocean. My cousins kid happened to be visiting at the same time, so it was fun for her to get some time with her grandparents (my aunt and uncle), and for all the kids to get to play together.

We got there about noon and headed straight for Santa Cruz boardwalk. I had no idea there was a real boardwalk with games and rides and the whole nine yards. So fun! We bought the $40 unlimited ride bracelet ( we just had to ride 8 rides to make it worth it).

Corndogs were a must when at the boardwalk.

It was pretty much the perfect day, not too hot or cold.

Baby Fox and well call her M, got to go on the sky buckets alone! They felt so big kid.

Meanwhile Mini Fox and I went on the Carousel, which had a fun game where you grabbed rings and tried to throw them in a clown mouth, all while riding the horses...super fun, we went on it 3 times in a row.

The bigger kids joined us for times 2 and 3.

My aunt bought them all cotton candy...spoiled!

The girls rode this a million times.

While boy rode the bumper cars. Getting our bracelet money worth.

Then we all went on it.

Mr. got bored and took a chair down by the beach, the kids wanted to go out and play in the sand.

We were about to leave thinking there weren't too many more rides, but then we found out the other side was full of  the small kids rides!

We headed back to the house for some pizza and the kids went in the spa...looks at this view from their deck.

Lots of talking and catching up and the kids had a blast. They set up a kids room downstairs with bunk beds for the kids.

We had such a blast on our trip and were so sad to see it end! Until next time! We're currently in I'll see you on Wednesday!

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