Friday, August 24, 2018

Yosemite Trip 2018

Hi Foxy Friends, I know radio silence this week. I was going to post something on Wednesday but 8.5 hour car ride, followed by unpacking the car...took it's toll and well, nothing blog related happen. But I am here to recap our trip! I'll try to keep the photos to a minimum.

Last year we did the same trip, we loved it so much we decided to do it again. See the recap here.  The difference between this trip and last trip, we camped an extra day, we wanted two full days without having to pack it all up. We left on Friday to drive to Fresno, break up the drive a bit. With how long the drive is, if we did it all on the first day of our reservation, we would be getting there at nightfall, not fun. Okay long story now.

We made one stop...In and Out

We got to the hotel and the kids went swimming and we grabbed some take out. Forgot to take pictures. Saturday we got up, ate breakfast and hit the road.

We set up camp, the only spot on the site that would fit both of our tents.

After we set up we took the kids down to the Merced river.

We made some dinner, veggies and shrimp skewers (they were on mega sale, it was like they were telling us to buy them).

Kids helping to cook the hotdogs, they couldn't wait for the shrimp, so while they waited they ate hotdogs (no buns).

Sunday we went for a hike, half way to Vernal Falls.

If you look in the background, you can see the waterfall.

After our hike we cooled off in the refreshing.

Monday we did another walk, it turned out to be almost 4 miles, whoops. We went to Mirror Lake and guess what we found?

Yep an empty lake...but we did find a deer, so that was cool.

We decided to give the kids a break, plus we wanted to take a shower after 3 days of no shower. They went swimming in the pool and we got a shower, win-win for both.

Sweet smelling kids.

We had a great trip, with lots of great memories to be had. Until next time!

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