Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Recent Prime Purchases: September

Last month I saw Andrea post her favorite Prime Purchases, and she was linking up to Tayna who hosts the link up. I mean how fun is that? We all purchases stuff from Amazon, might as well share the wealth of knowledge of the goodies! Okay let's get started!

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This one I mentioned here.  I have to admit I love using them. My family makes fun of me to no end but I like not having to feel a metal fork or spoon on my teeth when eating. I don't use it for everything. But when I can use them I totally do! Get the forks here and the spoons here. For those that are wondering, before I bought them I made sure that we had room for them in our drawers. Which I realized we had a whole kitchen drawer we weren't using, so it's in there now, the drawer has a purpose now!

I also mentioned that we bought these. Surprisingly they work pretty well. The curls are pretty crazy when you first take them out, but once they have a chance to relax the curls are really pretty.

I have an older car so I needed to buy something to hold up my phone while driving. I know it's taken me forever to get something, but I finally got something and I won't ever go back. Instead of going on your vent, it goes in your CD player...yep gotta have one of those for this to work. We liked it so much that Mr. got one for both of his cars (yes he has two cars) too.

Our day care situation is changing, so Mr. is going to have to start taking the kids to school in the morning. Up until now (yep 7 years) we've only had one set of car seats, and those are in my car. Don't worry we've bought 2 seats for everyone else and their mom to take the kids, we just didn't need another set for us. Fun fact: We've bought 10 car seats, only 4 of those were for us to use. Anyway, Mr. bought these for his car, and for $25 you get two of them, they are super protective of your car, and has something at the head to attach to the headrest so it doesn't fall down.

Next on the list was Crazy Rich Asians. Some friends and I were going to go see the movie, so I wanted to try and read the book. Yep I still read paper books, although I might get the Paper White for Christmas. Really good book and easy read, plus the movie was good too!

That's all for now. What have you been buying that I NEED to get?

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