Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Unicorn Birthday Party

Hello Foxy Friends! What? Two posts in a row? I know, who am I? This past weekend was Mini Fox's 5th birthday. I know! Where did the time go? I feel like just yesterday she was this small...

And now? How did that happen?

Anyway, birthday girl wanted a Unicorn birthday...since March...she kept talking about all the things she wanted, so we did it all! I love me a good theme. I usually do some sort of background on our wall where we typically serve food, but what do you do for a unicorn? I mean super heros is buildings and stuff, like I did here. I figured I would theme everything around flowers. I've always wanted to make paper flowers...so why not start learning right now?  This was the second one  I made, the first one was a complete disaster!

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I ended up making 5 of these, 3 big ones and 2 small ones...

The pink one fell off and I didn't retake the picture...oops.

Then I cricuted a horn, ears and cute eyes and I got this.

Then I bought these glitter banners, and added my own letters. You can't beat the price, I couldn't make that man triangles with glitter paper for that price.

I made a ton more flowers and added them to cover the tape that was holding up the banners. I like to use painters tape, which I know is blue, but it's fairly strong and can hold up your decorations without hurting the paint on your walls. So behind all of those flowers is a TON of blue tape.

I went to Party City and bought most of their unicorn decorations to decorate the tables and the ceiling.  For the food, I thought it would be fun to label, and I had bought the unicorns on a stick, so I put them in cyliner vases (bought at the Dollar Store), and then added some crinkle cut paper (also Dollar store), and added my own name on glitter paper, I stuck it to a bamboo skewer.

A friend made the cake, which turned out great. I bought these horn/ears/eyes from Amazon.

Mostly I decorated everything with the paper flowers. I did find some real flowers from Costco that were bright color daisys that worked so perfect for our theme, I had to buy them.

I printed some random unicorns to put on the window...behind. We had bought some bags for  the treat bag, and we ended up doing a pinata, so I put them out with a sticker sheet in each.

I think the pinata was a HUGE hit at the party! If you can get one, it makes doing the treat bag easier, as they just get the candy from the pinata, and the kids had a blast!

Let me tell you that thing was hard to break! Oh and a tip if you are doing a pinata at your birthday party...have extra candy on hand. We bought a bag from costco, and I also bought some suckers and ring pops to add in, plus some butterfly rings and bubbles, and it weighed way more than then recommended. I only put in 2/3 of the costco candy, but then after the pinat broke we dumped the rest of the candy from the Costco bag on the ground too, it was the perfect amount of candy. I think any less and some kids wouldn't have gotten much. So if you are doing a pinata, have extra candy to dump out. Obviously depending on how many kids, we had about 16 kids. And used probably 7.5 (ish) pounds of stuff.

Note: At Party City, it suggested we use 4 lbs of candy for our Pinata, I think ours weighed more like 5.5-6 pounds and was fine.

The last thing we had at the party was a balloon drop. You guys if you have never done one, you HAVE to do it. The kids love it and it's so cheap to do too!

Cheap thrill I'm telling ya.

So that is everything that I did for our Unicorn Party! Pretty simple decorations, nothing over the top, because this mama spent all of her time learning how to make flowers...all of which I made in 5 days...oops, I might have procrastinated a bit!


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