Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sentence A Day: August Edition

1 -We're going on a trip, so excited, have been waiting all summer for this trip!

2 - 7 hour drive to visit our friends, so good to see them, and good new, Baby Fox ate cheese and LIKED it...writing that down!

3 -Montery Bay Aquarium, did not disappoint, so much fun exploring with friends.

4 -Hike which turned into impromptu beach day, the kids had a blast, good thing we had extra clothes.

5 - Haven't seen these folks in 3 years, good to see them and catch up and explore the City (San Fransisco).

6 -Fun day with my aunt, uncle and their granddaughter (our cousin), at the boardwalk, love that it worked out that we could visit them too.

7 - Long drive home, did it with one stop to grab food for the road, traveled 1240 miles in the last 6 days, but worth it.

8 - Last day of vacation, spent with cousins in Newport enjoying the ocean view and pool time.

9 - Back to the least I get tomorrow off.

10 - My off Friday and my brother is in town, we did a whole lot of nothing, but did a yummy tacos at our house, thanks Mom and Dad for making it for us! :)

11 -Met Shelly, EEEEEKKK!!!

12 - Finally get to see our "Friday Night" friends on a Sunday. I think the last time we saw them was a month ago? Maybe a year...haha, just kidding, after seeing them 1-2 times a week, that was a long time! (okay that was longer than 1 sentence).

13 - Day started out with treatments with my aunt, then lunch and then an unexpected date night (kids went to Disneyland with a friend), great way to end the night at the ocean.

14 - Karate, working out, dinner.

15 - Swim lessons and my favorite workout class

16 - Packing for our trip, packing for our trip, but first a workout.

17 - We're going to Yosemite, woo hoo!

18 - We're in Yosemite, woo hoo, setting up camp is hard work man.

19 - The kids rocked that steep hike, so proud of them.

20 - Hiked 2.5 miles to a was empty.

21 - 8.5 hour drive long, but the kids did great.

22 - Back to normal life, swim lessons and working out

23 - MNO to see Crazy Rich Asian, loved it!

24 - Mini Fox got her second hair cut every and then met up with some friends at the park for dinner and watching the kids play.

25 - Gymnastics make up, followed by Baby Fox's first day of school hair cut, karate and then concert in a park, full day happy heart.

26 - Church followed by getting some stuff done around the house, and then one last time getting ice cream with friends before school starts, it's been our summer tradition.

27 - First day of school! Enough said.

28 - Walked in the gym and just wasn't feeling it, so I talked to a friend for 20 minutes but then found some motivation and ran a slow 3 miles.

29 - Last swim lesson of the season, minus the make up we have in a few weeks, Mini Fox went up a level and Baby Fox is almost ready to move up if we decide to continue swim lessons for him.

30 - It's my birthday, did my usual Thursday thing, Baby Fox to karate, did some gym time and then went to dinner with my family and parents.

31 - Holy heck, it's the mid of September and I just realized this never got posted!

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