Thursday, November 15, 2018

2019 Emily Ley Simplified Planner First Impression and Review

Hi Foxy Friends! It's almost the end of the year, when did that happen?! And you know what that means right? Trying to get organized, or at least pretend to get organized. The last 22+ years I've bought a Franklin Planner (see post here), but this year I decided to switch it up. Last week I did a full review on the Plum Planner. This week I'm reviewing the Emily Ley Simlified Planner. I put together a video for those that like to listen.

Last month Lindsay mentioned that she had bought an Emily Ley planner, I love me a good planner, so of course I headed over to check out all of her stuff. I decided that one of my planners was going to be this Emily Ley Planner. What pushed me over the top? It was binded and no spiral notebook. Making it way thinner than all of my other planners. Since I have two planners, one for life and one for blogging and always carry them around, anything that gets the weight of my purse down I'm all over.

Things I love about it:

The re-enforced corners, they know that the corners are going to take a beating over the course of the year, so they re-enforce it for us, that's nice of them.

Here is what the monthly view looks like.

It also has re-enforced tabs for each month, so the wear and tear of turning to the different months over and over won't make it rip eventually. That's key.

The small size, it's thinner and easier to throw into my purse.

The note section in the back.

The daily view, it's the perfect amount of space for what I need it for. Plus I like that there is a list column and a notes column. It's like they are reading my mind. I hear that there might be a black Friday sale, so wait for then if you want to try it out! I did not do that, but you best believe I will next year!

So any other planners out there that I should try for next year? I love trying new planners and can't wait to start using these ones!

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