Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thanksgiving Dress Ideas

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Wednesday. Here in the States it's Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, like what the heck? How did that happen? So today's prompt over on The Blended Blog is Thanksgiving Looks. I have to admit, I typically try to wear the dress I get for our family photos to Thanksgiving too. See....

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Apparently I have no pictures of me, where you can see my dress, but see the kids wore their outfits.


I had ankle surgery and couldn't wear what I had on for the pictures, comfortable was key (3 weeks post surgery). See the walking boot barely peeking out.



This year I wanted to wear something different, but I've already worn it to two different functions...cause it's so cute. So I'll show it to you now. Thanks to the lovely Deena for taking my photos, that are NOT in my backyard!

Dress (similar style, not print) / Heels

*tip with the heels (I guess when dealing with Patent leather...if it's too tight on your toes, put on thick sock, and use hair dryer to heat up the patent leather and then stick foot in to stretch it out. Obviously don't heat it too much to damage the shoe. It took maybe 5 minutes of repeating this for the heel to fit around my toes correctly).

I love how flowy it looks while walking

I'm wearing this strapless bra, in case you wanted to know.

Truth be told I wore this to my high school reunion...not sure if I should wear it again to Thanksgiving, thoughts?

And then there is what I wore for our family pictures. I think I'll wear one or the other depending on the weather. Typically it can range from hot to super hot! I love this dress! Now that I'm looking at it, I'm wondering if I should have gone with a different shoe...darn it!

Dress is sold out where I bought it, but I found it somewhere else

A little twirling never hurt anyone either.

Yep I just always look like this when I'm done twirling.

Alright, now check out the lovely ladies below and then go link up your Thanksgiving day looks over on The Blended Blog!

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  1. You look gorgeous in this dress! It think a wrap dress fits anyone and is really a classic piece!