Friday, November 30, 2018

Bearizona and Polar Express Recap

Hi Foxy Friends! As some of you know, Mr. and I took the kids to Arizona a couple of weekends ago, and I never had a chance to recap. So here goes the recap...I decided to break it into two parts, cause I took over 600 pictures...yikes! Don't worry I'll only show you about 15 (let's see if I can do it in 15), think you can handle that? Okay let's get started.

The drive is 7 hours long...that's without stops, so it's quite a drive, but the kids did great. We usually don't let the kids have any sort of electronics for the first few hours, so this kid did this most of the time. Mini Fox tried to make a dress out of tissue paper (the only thing she had in the back seat with her), and some didn't work out, turns out you need tape of some sort of thing to hold it all together.

Friday was spent driving. Saturday we had a lazy morning, waiting for my brother to show up. He lives about 3.5 hours away, he came and went home the same day, crazy pants. But the kids LOVED that he was there with us. We headed to Bearizona right away. If ever have a chance to go to Williams, Arizona Bearizona is a MUST. Let me show you why.

You get to DRIVE your own car through animal habitats...the only instruction? Keep your windows rolled up and your doors locked. Yep we're rebels, we rolled down the windows, we didn't think we were in any danger.

We also saw some Wolves



And at the end of the drive you get to got to a small zoo. It's pretty fantastic.

Some Jaguars.

There's a petting zoo. Mini Fox was in her happy place.

Could have watched these bear play all day, they were so cute chasing each other around.

There's a bird show.

The foxes were just adorable. I mean that yawn, so dang cute!

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to relax and wait for our train ride. We tried to get dinner in the restaurant but it was packed so we got it to go and ate in the lobby, which strangely enough was not weird and others were doing it too.

Time for the Polar Express, all aboard!

Ticket please...

Got some hot chocolate and cookies (he would stop to take a picture, he just kept drinking, haha)

Finally reached the Big Man.

Everyone got a bell.

Tried to get a picture, but gotta be quick!

She got sleepy, and wanted Uncle snuggles.

and he sang along with everyone else for the sing along on the way back.

It was a great first day in Williams that's for sure, and we're so happy my brother drove 7 hours round trip to spend time with us. Stay tuned for recap of day #2, where we go to the North Pole Experience and Sedona.

So I went over my 15 pictures, but hey, it's pretty good considering I started with over 600!

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