Monday, March 11, 2019

Random Crafted Thoughts

Hi Foxy Friends! Today you're getting two posts in one, because I couldn't decide what I wanted to write about, so I'm doing both! First I'm linking up with The Blended Blog for their Favorite Things Monday post. Then I always seem to miss Laura's 3 Things series, but not today! Okay let's get started!


| ONE | 

Favorite thing right now is this high waisted bathing suit (top/bottom). You guys, it's awesome! Has the comfort of a one piece but the look of a two piece, I get the hype. We're going on two bathing suit vacations this year, Spring Break in Palm Springs and then Hawaii, so lots of bathing suit options is a must!

I love this this one too, so dang cute, coming with us on vacation.

See other bathing suit options that I love here.

Oh and my favorite slip on shoes are even more on sale! I am going to get them in rose gold color. I wear them ALL the time. Wear them all day at work walking around, no socks, super comfortable and no blisters. What more could you want from a shoe? The rose gold is under $23!

| TWO |

I love that Mini Fox is doing her own hair, pretty soon she's not going to need me, waaaahhh!!!!

She told Mr. "Daddy! I did my own hair!" Mr. interpreted that as "I don't need you any more"


Loving baseball season right now, even though it's rained a lot, at least the kids got to play this weekend! Baseball is so much more fun to watch than soccer when all the kids just clump together, hehe.

| ONE | Do you believe in luck?

Yes I believe in luck, it's lucky every time I win a giveaway. Which seems like it happens all the time. Like that one time I won $500 to Victoria Secrets, or just a few months ago when I won $300 to Ulta, thank you Cara! Doing an Ulta Haul soon!

| TWO | What was your favorite thing about yesterday or today?

Baseball season! I love all of it, I loved that we could watch both games, that they didn't overlap and that the kids LOVED it and they are playing with their friends.

| THREE | Show us the last picture you took...

Lunch with friends.

What was the last picture you took? Show me in the comments below!

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