Thursday, March 7, 2019

Day In The Life

I love these kinds of posts, you get to know me, I follow a prompt, it's all a win-win. Thanks Jen and Jenna for hosting! Today is about a day in the Life. The last time I did this was over a year and a half ago...I don't think much has changed. I picked Monday...why? Because I forgot to do it in Saturday, which is the day I WAS going to do it, oops! Monday was a regular day for us.

3:12am - Alarm goes off

3:25am - Actually get out of bed, I check my phone to make sure it's the correct time (yep it's definitely 3:25am). Forget to take a picture, cause it's early. Oops! Get ready for work.

3:47am - Sneak out of bedroom, trying not to wake Mr.

3:52am - Arrive at van pool spot

3:55am - Leave for work

4:47am - Arrive at work

4:47am - 2:19pm - Do work stuff

2:26pm - Catch van home

3:34pm - Arrive back at the parking lot near home

3:45pm - Pick up kids

3:50pm - Kids want to walk home so I creepily follow them in the car (the first time we've done this), the walk is 4 minutes.

4:00pm - Do a quick 21 Day Fix workout

4:46pm - Take Baby Fox to Karate

5:05pm - Now take Mini Fox to Gymnastics

5:20pm - Early to Mini Fox class, so we sit in the car and Mini Fox gives me her list of people she wants to send pictures to for Lent

6:15pm - Mini Fox is done and we head home

6:30pm - Arrive home, just as Mr. is leaving to pick up Baby Fox from Karate. I start dinner.

6:45pm - Give Mini Fox a bath

7:05pm - Everyone is home and we're all eating dinner. Kids have pasta with butter and meatballs. Adults have left over food that I made over the weekend.

7:15pm - Do some family conversation cards while we are finishing up dinner.

7:40pm - Mini Fox helps me clean up the kitchen while Mr. gives Baby Fox a bath.

8:10pm - Bed time routine and some games, today Mr. and I play the kids while Mini Fox is the mom. She thinks it's hilarious.

8:30pm - Prayers and bedtime for Mini Fox

8:35pm - Talk about the Best part of our day with Baby Fox, Mr. and myself. Prayers and bedtime.

8:42pm - Finish up some blog post stuff

9:06pm - Mr. and I are doing the 100 pushup challenge and the 30 day ab challenge, today we need to do both.

9:25pm - I shower while Mr. gets some work done for his Thesis

9:45pm - I am done with my night time routine and we're down stairs making lunches for everyone.

10:00pm - Finally can sit down and watch the Grey's episode we missed from two weeks ago!

10:42pm - Episode is done and we head off to get ready for bed.

10:54 pm - Lights out, Mr. and I talk for a bit, the last time I look at the clock it's about 11:10 or so.

Alarm goes off at 3:12am...ugh.

That my friends is a day in my life. This Monday was different in that Mini Fox usually goes to gymnastics on Wednesdays, but we were doing a make up because she was sick the week before last. What does your day look like? How much sleep do you get?

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