Monday, March 4, 2019

TBB Asks: March Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! Another month past, which means it's TBB Asks Monday! How does the months fly by like this? Anyway, this month it's all about shopping, so let's get to answering.

Shop Till You Drop

1. Top 3 Shops? Nordstrom, Target, and Amazon (does that even count?)

2. Where is the majority of your shopping done - In store or online? Online for sure. Desk job, need I say more? But I always shop at places I can return in store, Nordstrom, Target, Loft (when I shop on Amazon, I rarely return stuff.

3. What's your favorite thing to shop for? Clothes and shoes!

4.  What do you just HATE shopping for? Umm...I don't think that's in my vocabulary. I love shopping for all things. Even's like a vacation from the family. haha, anyone else feel like that?

5. What's your most favorite thing you've ever bought? Hmm...that's a hard one, I really like everything I buy. Thinking...thinking...thinking...nope nothing stands out. Maybe my house. Does that count?

6.  Do you prefer shopping alone or with others? With others for sure, I like getting others opinions. I really like shopping with these ladies.

 Although I do like grocery shopping alone, it just goes faster.

7. Best Bargain? Probably that dress from last week, it was $20 and I wore it for every band performance for 3 years, talk about getting your money worth.

8. Thrift Store Shopping, yes or no? I don't usually thrift store shop, although I have consigned shopped once. I got this jacket, it's pretty awesome.

9. Best Cities for shopping? Los Angeles. Although I've never been to too many other places, but I feel like we have a bunch of really great malls, including the biggest mall on the West Coast

10. Who's your style or fashion icon? Is it okay to have a style icon of Olivia Pope from Scandal? Man I love her wardrobe and would wear everything she owns. And her jackets...swoon....

Who is your style icon? Head on over to The Blended Blog to link up your answers!

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