Monday, March 18, 2019

5 Beauty Hacks

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I'm linking up with The Blended Blog and we're sharing all of our beauty hacks. I figured I'd make it an odd number and do 5, 3 seemed not enough, 4 seemed 5 it is.

If you want great curls in the morning, a quick hack is to curl your hair with a thin curling iron (I use a 19mm wand) and I make 6 big spirl curls. I leave them as is, hair spray them and sleep in it. Don't need to wrap it or anything, when you wake up, use your fingers to comb through your hair and you'll have soft curls.

This dry shampoo puts all other dry shampoos to shame. It gets rid of the grease and it lifts your hair from the roots, unlike other dry shampoos that somewhat get rid of the grease, but leaves it a little flat. Trust me I've tried all different kinds of dry shampoo, up until this week my favorite was this one, but no longer, I'm ONLY going to buy the IGK one. Seriously it looked like first day hair...although didn't feel like it, but it would be the perfect time to do a fancy hair style with the grit and lift that it left. Okay I'll stop gushing, just go get it and you'll thank me later. It also comes in a travel size, add to cart! See this video on how to use Dry Shampoo.

If you have clean hair and you want to give it some texture and life you use this Amika Un.Done Texture Spray! Helps to give your hair some life without having to go 5 days of not washing it to get that look.

Now that your hair style is done, you have to use this, to tame those fly aways. You'll wonder how you went so long without this product in your life.

Next hack, I always thought you used a comb to tease your hair, but this teasing brush gets the job done way faster with way less steps! See this video on how to tease your hair.

Last hack, you need to get better bobby pins. Sounds easy, and not really hackish, but seriously once I started using better ones, my hair game went up, the styles I was doing was holding better and longer. They come in bronzesilver and black. I'm sure you can get quality bobby pins at Sally Beauty Supply too, so bottom line...drop the drug store bobby pins and get something better. Also did you know that the bumps go down? Yep, that's what holds your hair in place, those bumps, so take advantage and use those bumps against your head. See this video on how to use a bobby pin correctly. 

So those are my 5 beauty hacks. Do you have any beauty hacks you want to share? Sign off below! Doesn't have to be about hair, can be about make up, clothes anything beauty related! Head on over to The Blended Blog to link up your beauty hacks.

A video on these beauty hacks. You can see it in action.

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