Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sentence A Day February Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! Another month passed, how does that happen?  As you know, we like to record our month, one sentence at a time. I love looking back and seeing what we were up to on those random days. Join us, it's only March 5th, you can catch up! Thanks to Rebecca for thinking up this idea so many years ago.

1 - Friday night stayed in and did family movie night, watched The Antman and The Wasp and ate dinner and popcorn, perfect evening.

2 - Birthday party for a friend followed by celebrating my Mom's birthday with a movie and dinner.

3 -Went to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl, host made homemade pizza, ate too much food!

4 - Started another 3 day cleanse, every time I do this, I question my sanity.

5 - Survived day 2 of the cleanse...why did I do this again?

6 - Last day of the cleanse and I managed to get in a really good workout, that was nice.

7 - MNO, just what I needed!

8 - Got my hair done and then dinner with friends, great end to the week.

9 - Family movie night and some ribs, yum!

10 - Craft day with mom and her friends for some Valentine's Day making.

11 - Ampa took Mini Fox out of school for a bit to go do her favorite thing, volunteer at Peanut Butter and Jelly for the homeless.

12 - Mini Fox's first baseball practice, her team is small but mighty!

13 - Baby Fox's baseball practiced cancelled, but Mini Fox still had gymnastics, and I still got to go to the gym, which I wasn't going to be able to do before.

14 - Karate class for Baby Fox while I did a Barre class, my butt hurts!

15 - Dinner with friends, made butternut squash lasagna, delicious!

16 - Mini Fox is full on sick, poor thing, Baby Fox went to a baseball game with Ampa while we stayed back and watched Little Mermaid.

 17 - Left Mr. and sick girl at home while Baby Fox and I went to our cousins baptism.

18 - Strep throat for the girl...poor thing!

19 - Girl is feeling so much better, thankfully!

20 - Back at school and hating the antibiotics, 8 more days of it, haha!

21 - Poker night at our house, so took the kids to dinner, sometimes I question my sanity when I do this.

22 -Friday night baseball practice, brrrrrr......followed by family movie night, Iron Man 2.

These two are the cutest, playing while big brothers practice, they are also on a baseball team together.

23 -Baseball opening season, picture day, the kids are the cutest thing ever, Play Ball!

24 - Got to see Lana, and then didn't take ANY pictures, of us together, darn it, did get this one though.

25 - Woah, that workout was so hard, I might not be able to move tomorrow.

26 -Mini Fox was not feeling baseball practice, I hope this was a one off thing, else it's going to be a LONG season.

27 - Got a good workout in, makes me happy.

28 - Much needed MNO, we didn't have enough for Bunko so we went to dinner instead, pretty great consolation prize.

Link up your sentences below! It's not too late for you to catch up to join us next month!

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