Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Favorites: Life Recap

Hi Foxy Friends. I going to be better about blogging, at least try to be. I figured for my first Friday back from vacation, I'm going to recap our much has happened since July that I never got around the blogging, so I figured I'm just going to dump it on you and move on. So let's get started!


We went on a family vacation to Hawaii! The first long plane trip for the kids, and they did great. We spent the 3/4 of our time with one set of family friends, then met up with some other friends who happened to be going at the same time for the latter half of the trip. It was a blast and the kids constantly ask when we are going back!

Of course matching shirts.

Yep always matching shirts, always. Also note: To get this photo, we had to yell and threaten kids to not get wet before snapping the picture. haha!

Also in July I went to a 40th birthday in Vegas with some friends, has a blast!


Mini Fox went to the coolest theater birthday party where they put on a play in 2 hours, we dropped off and then came back and they had a show for us. Super cute.

Baby Fox started 3rd grade and Mini Fox started Kindergarten...they are getting so big.

I turned 40! Mr. and I went to a nice dinner, party was a little later!


Celebrated my 40th with our friends and family. It couldn't have been any more fun and I felt so loved with how many people helped me bring in a new decade.


Junior high friends

Kid's Baseball/school/church friends

Mom's group friends

The only thing I really wanted was to get a group happy it happened!

Mini Fox turned 6...where does the time go?!

I went to Canada to meet up with some of my best Blogging friends, Deena, Lana, Abbie, Alison, Shaunacey and Christy.

We did a birthday for Mini Fox towards the end of the month, because of everything else going on. She went with me to pick up her cake, she's so cute.

She picked out the dinosaurs on the cake and put them where she wanted them.

What's better than a Chuck E Cheese birthday with all of your best friends? Nothing according to this gal.

Some random kids thrown in there too...who are those kids?


Had our big Gala for Thomas House, after months of planning it finally happened, we raised a lot for a good cause.

Baby Fox started cotillion, cutest thing ever.

If you have to do Pumpkin Patch fundraisers it's better to do it with friends.

This kid got his blue with green stripe belt, he's worked so hard.

Went to Seattle to see my cousin play in the University of Washington game, had such a blast visiting family on both sides of the family.

Mini Fox had a Halloween parade, so stinking cute.

Baby Fox had a word parade (he was the word Lightening) and a party.

Halloween, our 9th one with our friends, time flies when you're having fun.


2nd birthday party for my cousins kid, love seeing family.

Birthday girl is the cutest.

Night soccer, the girls did great, perhaps all of our games should be at night.

We bought some kids theater tickets and Baby Fox couldn't go, so we took Mini Fox's bestie.

Went to a ride fundraiser for our cousin, glad we could be thee to support them.

Mini Fox had a Thanksgiving performance.

Went to see Frozen 2. Then I realized I bought tickets for the wrong day...and we had already missed the show...darn.

. The kids took it really well and we ended up going two days later.

After 9 months, we finally got to see Frozen 2. Baby Fox and Mr. had a bet on what the plot was...Baby Fox won and Mr. had to buy him an iPad.

Thanksgiving with family and friends was awesome.

Ended the month with Friendsgiving.


MNO, much needed, it's been too long.

Took Mini Fox to see the a kids Nutcracker, amazing experience to take Mini Fox to.

Did some Christmas things around town with friends, such a fun evening, with dinner, garden walks and Santa.

Friends Christmas party no kids, YES please!

Bought a new car, woo hoo!

Mini Fox had a Holiday performance, her teacher put this on, all by herself because the other teachers didn't want to do it, amazing Kinder teacher.

Celebrated parents 49th wedding anniversary.

Cousin Christmas party.

WB tour to see the Gilmore Girls set, I can die happy.

And we got to sit on the famous couch and went to another famous set. So much fun.

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year.

Wouldn't be Christmas without a balloon drop for Baby Fox's birthday. And some cake.

Mini Fox decided she wanted to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels...she rocked it.

If you're still with me thanks for staying and catching up on everything we've been up to the last 6 months. Here's to another year and maybe blogging more. I do think part of my problem is that I'm having issues getting my photos to load from my phone to my computer and I'm also having issues with Google photos loading directly from my the two ways I usually load photos doesn't work all the I just gave up trying. haha. I'll do better...maybe.

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