Friday, January 24, 2020

Weekly Favorites #2

Hi Foxy Friends! I'm back for another Weekly Favorites. Last week I caught you up with what I've been doing the last 6 months of missed Friday here we go!

For Christmas we gave the kids a night away at Great Wolf Lodge, and this past weekend was it. We met up with my cousin and her kids for the second year in a row and we all had a blast. The kids LOVE getting to spend quality time with their cousins and we all love a good water slide.

 Day two was a little rough with all of the pool closures, I wrote a very strongly worded letter saying it was unacceptable, but despite that we had a blast and had a very competitive game of miniature golf. My cousin won and she basically has bragging rights for the rest of our lives. Yep that's how we role, life.

Mini Fox loves her oldest cousin.

 We loved watch The Witcher on Netflix, based off of a video game of the same name.

Also really liked Messiah, can't wait for the next season. #Ibelieve

We didn't have anything to watch, so we picked up Lost In Space, and so far it's really good, highly recommend.

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This sweater is pretty much the softest cutest sweater ever! And it has different prints and it weird if i get the black and buffalo plaid one too?

Mini Fox saw this in the was pile and asked if I cold get one in her size.

I also got this sweater and it's super cute and apparently I have a thing for leopard right now.

In other things this week:

Monday the kids and Mr. had no school/work so they went to volunteer at a food bank, they had a blast and worked super hard for 2 hours. So proud of them.

I went to a MNO with some new friends and it was super fun to get to know some new ladies. The lady in the back owns this boutique that I have bought from several times and she's pretty much a super awesome person/small business owner.

Both kids stayed home sick on Wednesday. Thursday Baby Fox was better but Mini Fox still had a! Hopefully she recovers soon!

Okay, that's all I have for now, Happy Friday. So happy to be recapping my week and recording what we're doing over on this side of the internet. See you next week! This weekend Baby Fox has his first piano recital, so excited for that!

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