Friday, January 17, 2020

Family Photos 2019

Hi Foxy Friends! Instead of a Friday Favorites, I thought I would share our family photos we took for our Christmas cards. I just LOVE how they turned out...not sure how we are going to get better pictures next year! Anyway, here's a big photo dump for you. In case you were wondering these pictures were taken at Chapman University and the Orange Circle, which is walking distance from Chapman. Be prepared for a big photo dump.

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Edited to add: Finally found a dress that is really similar to my dress! Click here for that link.

In case you were wondering, which you probably aren't we did these pictures on a Saturday morning at 8am. Since we took the pictures so early, no one was on the University campus and not many places were open yet in the surrounding areas. So it worked out perfect. It was funny walking in full formal wear at 8am. We got a lot of smiles though. Until next year!

Now, how to I find a better location and outfits for next year, any ideas for unique ideas?

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