Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How To Apply HTV To A Trucker Hat

Hi Foxy Friends! I made this hat over the summer, and am now just getting to posting about it, figure better late than never? I was asked to make these hats for a 40th birthday trip and realized as I was looking around the internet that everyone was using a hat press and no one was using a trucker hat. Well I've seen it be done before, so I set off to make one myself without a hat press. It can be done and it was way easier than I thought it would be!

For those that like to watch how to do it, I made a video for you. Full set of directions and things you'll need to make these hats are below.

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What You'll Need:

Hat (this comes in 20 differnent colors and is under $7)
Easy Press (the one I have, but this one would probably be better, you could use this regular iron as well)
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Heat Resistant Tape
Circut (or some craft cutting machine)
Parchment Paper
Rolled Up Towel (I used a hand towel)


Step 1: Cut Vinyl

Use your craft cutting machine, I use a Cricut, to cut out the design you want on your hat and weed your design.

Step 2: Roll Towel and Put Behind Hat

If you have a larger hat you might need something bigger than a hand towel.

Step 3: Place Vinyl and Secure

Using the heat resistant tape, secure the vinyl to the hat.

Should be on all sides.

Step 4: Lightly Heat Press Vinyl

Place parchment paper between the vinyl and the heat press. When pressing this takes a light hand and only a few seconds, unlike when making a t-shirt, you only need to hold in place for a few seconds.

You know you're done pressing it when you can see the fabric imprinted in the letters. Not sure if you can really see it in this picture.

Step 5: Remove Transfer Sheet and Tape

Since some of our lettering was so thin, there might be a case where the vinyl doesn't adhere all the way, see the picture below.

If this happens, fear not, just put your parchment paper back over the whole thing and press lightly again.

Then you are all done!

I ended up making 5 hats for our outing. They all came out great, and everyone we passed loved them!

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