Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Okay, so I haven't had time to get my pictures together, but I do have a couple to show you.

Picture of us just outside of Lincoln Park Zoo, wish we had more time to go on a picnic here, it was so pretty!

One of my favorite pictures, in front of the monkey cages, with my two monkeys.

 At the wedding. Didn't have time for one of the bride and groom, so here's us instead.

This is from after we got back, Colton is obessessed with Tomato Soup, so we got some from Corner Bakery on our way home from the airport. I don't think a kid could love it more then he did. (that's his cheese face). Who needs a spoon when you can just drink it?

Some random things:

Don't fly United...or maybe check in 24 hours in advance? Not sure which yet, bottom line, they separated the three of us on the plane, yep my 2 year old was in his own the middle seat and no one cared or wanted to help fix the problem. Fun times...NOT!

We had a fantastic time in Chicago, it's so much fun traveling with family, most of my aunt, uncles and cousins were there, so it was fun to see everyone in a different city.

iPad was totally necessary accessory for the 4.5 hour plane ride...thank goodness we had one. Also, my kid likes to watch Dumbo with no sound, he watch the entire thing twice with no sound.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had fun! That is amazing that no one would move for you! I can't imagine. Seriously if someone wouldn't move I would be like ok he's your problem now ;) ugh but that must have been awful. Not the way to end a trip!

  2. You have an adorable family! Traveling with a kiddo seems super intimidating (since I'm just now expecting my first in a few weeks)!