Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Wednesday

I had the most fantastic family weekend ever! Mother's day was perfect in every way. Started out with church, some relaxing and swimming and after Baby Fox's nap time parents came over for a BBQ and more swimming. Then...Monday, on Monday we took Baby Fox to Disneyland for the first time! No work, and Disneyland? Yes please! I'll recap D-land later, but here's a picture of how hot we were the whole day, seriously where is this summer 90° weather coming from?

I was trying to shield Baby Fox from the sun, since he didn't want to wear his own hat, I thought my bigger hat would give him a little more air...but we were pretty much this sweaty the whole day. Luck for us, It's a Small World is wonderfully air conditioned and LONG. We went on it twice.

Random Things I've been Thinking:

Apparently I'm a monster when it comes to packing, or so says Mr. He says he doesn't like my packing mode. We're leaving for Chicago today! Well actually our flight isn't until tomorrow, but we're driving to my Aunt and Uncle to spend the night, so we can be a 10 minute drive to the airport instead of an hour drive. Did I mention our flight is at 6:45am? Wish us luck, seriously.

The first time around on It's A Small World I don't think I saw half of the rooms, I was so busy enjoying watching Colton enjoy seeing everything that when we went through it the second time, it was like I was seeing it for the first time. Taking your kid to Disneyland and seeing how much they love it, could be one of the best things EVER.

Yep my kid sucks the first two fingers on his left hand, has since he was 5 months old, and does it when he's not sure of something or just bored. I'm fairly certain he doesn't realize he's doing it half the time. I'm also sure that he doesn't get sick as much because he touches EVERYTHING and then sucks his fingers...I'll be really surprised if he doesn't get sick, he seriously touched every chain rope in every line.

Looking forward to Chicago...but I just want to be finished packing. I still have stuff to pick up after work today. Wish us luck with the flight and a 2 year old.

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  1. CONGRATS on baby girl!!!! Just saw you last post!!!! YAY!!! And we can't wait to take our girls to Disneyland this summer!!!! So excited!!

  2. I have never, ever been to Disney World, so I will def. take my kids one day (when I have some). hehe.

    And congrats on the addition!! (I just saw the comment above me)!! :)

  3. Have fun in Chicago! That's where we are originally from :)

  4. Have so much fun in Chicago! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Aw.. I wanna go to the Disney World too!!! :D have funnn :)