Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hair Cut

Someone got a haircut yesterday. Our nanny also cuts hair...what doesn't she do? Anyway, she said that she was using the buzz cut thingy, and he moved and well there went part of his hair, so almost shaved it is. But it's super cute, and makes him look more like a little boy instead of my baby, boo hoo!

Some Random Things:

Colton has this blankie and is seriously attached to it (seen just behind him, has dots on one side and solid on the other). Monday I had to wash it and I had to nearly tear it out of his hands to get it in the wash. As soon as it was done in the dryer, I told him let's go get blankie from the dryer, he screams out "I So HAPPY!!!" and goes running towards the dryer. We've learned to NEVER leave it at home while going anywhere, it's meltdown city. Good thing we've taught him blankie stays in the car. But everytime we get back to the car, he acts like he hasn't seen it for days, not just minutes. He says, "Oh blankie, love you" and kissed it, and then hugs it, a lot. He's the cutest.

If you are an email subscriber to My Publisher they are having a really awesome sale right now. But the catch is that you have to use it before mid-August, now I'm trying to rack my brain for something to put in 70 pages worth of photobook. I just bought a Shutterfly photo book, (through Living Social) that needs to be used before mid-July...I am going to be a busy bee for the next couple of months.

Nordstroms is having their half yearly sale, must find something to buy...hopefully I can score some good deals on maternity stuff. I need more work shirts to wear, I seem to be rotating through the same 5 shirts...need more choices!

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  1. cute haircut!! that is so cute he ran towards the blanket and said i so happy!!

  2. Haircuts always make them look so old!

  3. Baby fox and his haircut! He looks like a handsome little man! That's so cute about the blankie. Hope you guys have a great weekend. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee