Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disneyland Recap

Here's our recap of our trip to Disneyland. Of course we had to pick the HOTTEST day in May to go...of course. It was probably 90°, so most of the pictures you are going to see are a hot sticky mess. You've been warned.

We're waiting for the tram, and we realize how hot it is, Baby Fox is already sweating, this is going to be a long day!

Tram ride, Baby Fox LOVED it!

Of course we had to take a picture just inside the gates, doesn't everyone do this?

First stop was the Dumbo ride, since that is Baby Fox's current obsession. They give all the passengers a magic feather, totally cute. (it's the first ride of the day, and he's already sweaty, he didn't seem to notice though)

Next up: Storybook, he wasn't too impressed.

Then we met up with some friends and hit up Pirates of the Caribbean. It was hot while waiting outside, I thought my hat would help shade Baby Fox, he preferred it backwards.

Then we hit up the Jungle Cruise - Poor Baby Fox is just drenched in sweat.

We decided to cool off a bit and hit up It's a Small World, it was a much needed break from the heat!

He got up and started to dance, he loved it!

Baby Fox really wanted to ride on the monorail, so while our friends went to try and get their kids to nap, we decided this would be a good time for the monorail. We thought it would be airconditioned...we were was hot! But Baby Fox loved it, so we didn't care that much.

Then we hit up the train that goes around Disneyland, it was a nice 20 minute break, we were in the shade and there was somewhat of a breeze. Baby Fox likes to climb on EVERYTHING! We're waiting for the train here.

Yep it's still hot outside, but now we're on the train. BTW, we got in trouble for taking this picture. We were told that kids were NOT allowed to stand on the benches and that they had to sit down...

Our friends then called and said that kids were done napping and that we should meet up again. We made our way over the California Adventure. First up Mater's ride.

He was indifferent to this ride. He wanted to ride on Mater, but all he got were some tractors.

We got to see Tow Mater in person, Baby Fox was in awe

Then Lightening McQueen drove up...was our lucky day we got to see both. 

If you haven't been to Cars Land, you HAVE to go, it was seriously the cutest ever, it looked JUST like the movie. We were really impressed. Finally after a whole day of going everywhere, Baby Fox finally got tired and laid his head down. We asked him if wanted to go on more rides or go home. He of course said MORE RIDES! We went on the Toy Story ride, such a fun ride, you get to shoot paint balls at stuff on a screen. I beat Mr. by 100 points, heck yeah!

After that we waiting around for the water light show, Baby Fox, loved it, but it's a LONG show, so we ended up leaving after 15 minutes or so, try to beat some of the exiting people.

So we're at the car and I'm changing Baby Fox into his PJ's so we can just put him down when we get home, I know a sticky mess, my type A personality had problems with this, but he's a kid, they don't care about dirt and sweat. Anyway, the only flat surface in my car is the trunk, so I lay Baby Fox down in the trunk, I told him to stay there, while I got the diapers out. He looks around, looks at me and then suddenly says: "Oh NO! I in trunk!!!" He's such a crack up! The funny part, the next day, he told the Nanny and her son "Mama put me in trunk!" Good thing we had already told the Nanny the story, so she knew what he was talking about, silly kid!

All in all, I think it was a very successful trip and we can't wait to take him back. He was such a trooper and was not whinny the whole day, even after nap time came and went. He slept great, and was his normal self the next day.

When can we go again?!

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