Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Disneyland

Nope, these aren't pictures from a couple of weeks ago. Our nanny got a free ticket to go and her daughter has a pass, so they took him to Disneyland yesterday. What a spoiled boy! He was super excited to go to Disneyland and ride the monorail. That kid loves trains.

Here's Baby Fox and Nanny's Daughter (who also takes our family pictures every year).

How she got him to do that face, I will never know!
On the Monorail...where did he steal that hat from?

What better way to be spoiled then to eat ice cream at 11:30am?

Waiting in line for a ride. I hear that he went on a ladybug ride and DID NOT like it and they had to flag the guy down to stop the ride to let them off...poor kid, he must have been crying pretty hard for Nanny and Daughter to get them to stop the ride. He didn't seem to have any long term affects last night.

I will say when he got home yesterday evening, with no nap, he was NOT a fun kid to be around. Luckily this isn't a normal occurrence and shouldn't happen again for a while. Phew!

But he did have fun and even got a little gift out of the day. What do you think it was? Of course a Monorail train! =)


  1. How awesome to go to Disney all the time! I wish I lived closer because I would go all the time!