Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whatever Wednesdays - First Kiss

I'm joining up with Shay and Alissa today, they give us a super secret, okay not really, they send out a topic on Sundays and we have 3 days to hash it out, topic this week? Our First Kiss...yikes. Do I really want to remember that?

I was a late bloomer, could be because my brother is 9 months younger than me, so I didn't want him to feel left out, so I naturally was a good big sister and would wait patiently for him to do things at the same time as me...or I am just slow, take your pick.

I am shy, okay, was shy, especially when it came to boys. Seriously, I liked this guy in 7th grade and it took us 9 years to kiss, yep, we had a flirty thing for 9 years, went to 3 school dances together and it took us 9 years to kiss. But that's not the boy who I got my first kiss from.

Back to 7th grade, there was this cute guy Alex who's locker was right above mine. He was even more shy then me, but every once in a while I would help him get a book out of his locker, since I was always in his way. He always smiled at me and thanked me and went on his way. I was sad when 7th grade ended because I wouldn't get to see his cute face everyday. 8th grade, again his locker was relatively close to mine, we would smile at each other but nothing happened. 9th grade (getting ridiculous huh? boy am I patient), we got to pick lockers, and now that I think about it, he must have known where I picked my locker because his locker was right above mine again. Same thing happened as 7th grade, frustrating I know. Now we're in 10th grade, high school (yes if you're doing the math, I still haven't had my first kiss and I'm in high school), he somehow is always right where I'm walking or eating lunch, and now that I think about it, I think he did this on purpose. Anyway, end of the year comes and I get the courage to ask him to sign my yearbook. He says that he needs some time and can I get my yearbook after the next class, I shrug and agree. When he gives it back I anxiously open to where he signed and it says "Hope you have a great summer, I wish I could have gotten to know you better, call me this summer..." with his phone number attached. I'm thinking What?! Holy cow! 

So summer between 10th and 11th grade I got the nerve and called him, okay my friend and I actually stalked him and called him like 50 times before someone answered the phone. I asked him to meet up with us at my church carnival, he agreed. We went on the Ferris Wheel together, my dad was having a mini heart attack that I was there was a boy. Nothing happened. Then he asked me to the movies for later that week. I could drive but he couldn't, so I picked him up from home, we went and saw Phenomenon with John Travolta. While in the theater he picked up my hand to look at the ring I was wearing and then never gave it back, we held hands the whole movie (smooth move huh?), I don't think I remember one part of the movie besides the song that played, Change the World by Eric Clapton, even to this day that song reminds me of him.

After the movie I went back to drop him off at his place. He had gotten a voicemail saying that he needed to come down to his Karate school because one of the teachers couldn't make it and they wanted to know if he could teach a class. He asked me for a ride. On the way there he just blurted out, so why do you like me? I was shocked but think I said something like you're cute and nice. He said so you only like me cause I'm cute? Well yea, but I wasn't going to admit that, I said I think you're nice, why do you like me? He said cause he thought I was cute and was always nice to him. We arrived at his Karate place, we're sitting in the car being all awkward and stuff, and he leans over and kisses me, tongue and everything. Want to know my reaction?

I LAUGHED! Full on laughed. He looked at me dumbfounded, I told him I had never kissed anyone and that it was just new, we kissed again, this time it was slightly better, but slobbery. He left my car to go teach, I was reliving the moment over and over, my first kiss.

I left for camp the next week, and then when I got back he left for vacation for a week, we saw each other maybe a few more times before school started and then I broke things off. Turns out besides being attracted to one another we had nothing in common and he was a really jealous guy. Something I hate.

Long winded story. Want to see a picture of me in high school?

That's me in all my dorky glory.

If you made it through my long winded story, good for you! Until next time!


  1. You laughed! I love it. Kissing is a funny thing to do, especially when you're young. Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  2. haha. Best long winded story ever!! And absolutely the best picture ever! GORGEOUS dorky glory. :)

  3. hahahaha I couldn't help but laugh. Oh my gosh. all these posts are making me feel horrible for not remembering my first kiss haha.
    You were a beauty in high school!!

  4. "but sloppy.."

    Oh girl, you summed every first kiss up. I laughed when a boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time.. I think that means I'm destined to go to hell or something.

  5. Haha I love that you laughed, hilarious! First kisses are always awkward! Mine was in 7th grade, at the end of a school dance, in front of EVERYONE. I was mortified.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee