Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What A Deal!

This weekend I did something that I don't normally do - I went to a used children's clothing store. They were having this awesome sale...fill a bag (that they provide) for $5! What?! I thought it was worth checking out. It opened at 10am, but Baby Fox had a swim lesson at 10:40, so we were just going to have to hit it up afterward. We didn't get there till about 12:30, while there was a lot of things still available, it was definitely picked over. I talked with someone who went before it opened, and she said it was a mad house. A lot of the stuff was dried when it shouldn't have been, so it was short and fat, or it was just really worn out, probably not going to last another kid. We were picky since we only wanted to fill one bag worth. This is how much we got.

That's right we got 12 things for $5.

2 - pairs of jeans
2 - long sleeve shirts
3 - rompers
2  - pj's
1 - onsie
1- short sleeve top
1 - pair of shorts

Even if some of the things don't work out, the jeans with the hearts are worth $5, so we think not matter what we use it's a win.

Final thoughts: I thought some of the things there that weren't in the fill a bag sale was over priced. It seemed that they typically charged about 50% of what the actual price was, which you can almost find if you go to Target or Carters and have the clothes be new. So for me I think I would only go if they were having the $5 bag sale.

In closing: This little girl almost has more clothes than Baby Fox does...we just keep buying stuff for her. Gotta keep that in check, our clothing budget is dwindling quick!


  1. Seriously, why can they not have awesome deals like that around here?! You scored big time!!

  2. Wait, so everything you put in the bag totals to $5!? That is awesome. Why don't they have stuff like that for adults?? Mini Fox is going to be one fashionable little girl!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee