Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap

I got a three day weekend, be jealous. It was great and very needed. Although I think that every other week when I get Friday off, haha. I think we should be able to work the same amount of time but get every Friday off, my ideal world. Or maybe every Friday and Monday, making it every weekend 4 days, yes please! One day, one day.

Friday I had a playdate with some of my stay at home mommy friends, we usually try to get together on my off Fridays, since weekdays aren't filled with family obligations, etc.

What a cutie

 Kids eating lunch together, all the kids are born within 3 weeks of each other

Baby Fox decided to wake up on the Ham side of the bed...haha. Just rockin' and drinking warm milk (yep he still likes his milk warm)

Saturday I had a baby shower for a "cousin" back in my home town. Mr. was going to take Baby Fox to swim lessons while I took off for the shower. Good thing that we were leaving at the same time. I was helping Mr. into the car and was going to take off right after they left in Mr.'s car. I get the boys packed up and in the car and Mr. goes to start my, click, click...paused for a second, Mr. tries, click, click...ugh! My car died! What?! LUCKILY Mr. has a "weekend car" so we have a spare car I could use to take to the shower (although not the most ideal car to drive long distance). We get Baby Fox out of the car seat, take the car seat out of my car and into Mr.'s car, transfer all the stuff and they're off. Now I have to take Mr.'s yellow car, of which I've driven once. It's a little yellow sports car, not ideal when pregnant and driving 100 miles one way. Of course when I get in it, I'm now running late, and it's OUT OF GAS! Arg...but I was lucky and hit NO traffic (practically unheard of in Los Angeles), and got there with a few minutes to spare.

Party was a smashing success and it was a gorgeous day out!

The flowers, all from Costco! Just order online and they deliver them to you, then you can arrange to your hearts desire, pretty good deal huh?

We're only 7 weeks apart, doesn't she look great? She's been sick her entire pregnancy minus 3 weeks and she has such a great attitude!

My mom with Mom-to-Be and her Mother-In-Law. My mom and her MIL have been friends for 50+ years? MIL's husband was friends with my Dad since Kindergarten! Can you imagine a friendship that long?

Afterwards I went to visit my grandma. She's doing pretty good, all things considered, she's at home and happy as long as she has her pain meds.

It took FOREVER to get home though, a little over 2 hours, boo! Wasn't as lucky on the way home. But Mr. said he would take me out to dinner, so I didn't have to cook, yay for awesome husbands!

What I walked into when I got home. Guess they had a fun day. In case you were wondering, Baby Fox did great at swim lessons, the teacher thought she could get Baby Fox swimming the width of the pool in 4 or 5 more lessons! What?!?! I'll keep you posted on that one.


Sunday Mr. wanted to do music all day. So it was Baby Fox and I for most of the day. Mr. did fix my car, turns out it was the battery, he switched it out and now it's running great, let's hope that was the cause!

Baby Fox wanted pancakes for breakfast. See the orange cup there, yep he wanted his syrup in there so he could dip the pancakes. My pancakes are getting better. Last week it took me three batches to make them right. Yep you read that right, I had to make the batter three times! (Granted, I only make 1/4 cup of batter at a time). But for the life of me I can't make pancakes...I have no idea, but these ones actually came out good.

The rest of Sunday was spent doing errands and going to an outdoor mall which Baby Fox got to see a firetruck up close and ride on a train, what more could a little boy ask for on a Sunday?

We're off to Seattle later this week. Hope you guys have a great week!

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  1. That mess looks like so much fun: I'm learning to accept the constant chaos that comes with little boys. =)

  2. Yup, I've seen that type of mess before. My living room actually looks like that now.

  3. You look great! Glad you got to visit your grandma too