Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

Baby Fox has decided puzzles are really cool, I think we did and redid this puzzle no less then 10 times this weekend! Don't worry, he's not baby genius, we had to help a lot to get the pieces in the right places. I think it was sheer luck when he got it right :)

Saturday led us to another swim lesson. He's doing much better. We switched teachers, who is slightly prettier and Baby Fox couldn't be happier. Does everything she tells him to, we are so proud. I wish I knew how to make my video's smaller so I could post on here...anyone know?

His new swim teacher...

Saturday night after dinner Baby Fox and I relaxed watching some Pixar Short me some cuddle time. Only time I get it is when he's watching TV.

Sunday was a completely lazy day. Baby Fox stayed in his PJ's all day, until some friends came over for dinner and they went swimming.

Baby Fox wanted to help Daddy make his shake (mostly cause he thought he was going to get some)

A friend came over with her 5 week old to hang out for a bit, she's so cute! Baby Fox couldn't stop kissing and loving on her.

The men swimming with the kids, gave us mom's a little break.

After everyone got out of the pool the kids were famished and of course the BBQ ran out of gas, so Mr. had to run to the store to get more. While he did that the kids ate some chips and guacamole.

We finally wrangled the chips out of their hands, and gave them some dinner, they ate outside while we cooked our food (which I forgot to take a picture of).

Then while we ate the kids watched Finding Nemo. Notice how J-bean is sucking on her fingers too, she was copying Colton, she isn't a finger sucker, we thought that was cute.

After everyone ate, there was mention of cake and the kids went running to get their piece.

It was a great weekend at home, hope to another great one next weekend.

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  1. I make a smoothie every morning for myself and I put some in a reusable pouch for AJ. He still ends up drinking most of mine. These babies!

  2. That's a great weekend!

    And my oh my that baby had a mop of hair on her head!

  3. Ok I LOVE that switching to a female teacher had baby Fox liking swim lessons!!

  4. What a fun weekend! Colton was so sweet with the newborn, that must have excited you!

  5. How cute that they had a little playdate! So funny that he likes the swim teacher better since she's prettier...he's already a ladies man!

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