Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites #7

Yay, it's Friday! We made it, and with it comes some favorites. Here are mine for the week.


I saw this commercial this week, I seriously love the Esurance commercials, they crack me up. Best line in this one: "Three in a row... sweeeeet, Level 2!"

Anyone else love their commercials? Yes I still watch commercials, sometimes when I'm hitting forward I see something that catches my eye and I stop, rewind and watch it.



Mini Fox is so close to walking. Baby Fox keeps telling us that she walks, but as soon as well look over she sits down...I think she's just practicing in private so that when she does debut her new skill, she'll be able to run. We're in trouble now!


I love how much the kids love each other. Mini Fox walked up to Baby Fox to give him a little snuggle


Sneak Peak into our Halloween Costumes. See previous years here, here and here.
Can you guys guess what Mr. and I are going to be?

I think the pacifier makes Mini Fox's costume don't you?

You know when your hair starts to feel super heavy and just sort of icky from using too much shampoo and conditioner and hair products? Use this stuff. It's the most awesome stuff EVER! You just wash your hair with this, don't use any conditioner though. After you get out of the shower dry your hair, your hair is going to feel light, and it's going to be SO, SO soft, it almost feels like you've gone to a salon, no joke! Seriously, it's the best thing you can do to just refresh your hair. I use it every month or so, just depending on how I feel. It's only $6ish at Target, so what does it hurt to try it out. If you do, let me know how you like it. Everyone that I've recommended it to, loves it too.


Don't forget to "vote" (click like) for Baby Fox! Click the link and then click like (they just screen grabbed my IG account, so you have to click like on the FB picture. Please, please please with a cherry on top? I'd forever be grateful! or click here 

For Mini Fox
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 Hope you have a great weekend! We're going to my Aunt and Uncle's again to eat the most delicious spaghetti you'll ever eat. Maybe I'll even remember to take a picture...probably not though, I'll be too busy stuffing my face!

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  1. Love the costumes! And the love between them is so precious!!!

  2. Love all the pics! Mini and baby are too cute! And I am totally going to get that shampoo-ish stuff this weekend!! Have a great one!

  3. The snuggles!! How sweet! This kind of makes me really wish that Mia had a sibling!!

  4. Love that commercial! Every time it comes on I comment about how much it cracks me up, and my fiance just rolls his eyes. Some people just don't appreciate good humor ;)

    We're going with a superhero theme over here too for Halloween too. Are you guys going at Batman & Cat woman? We're doing big batman, little batman, and robin (me).
    The Joni Journey

  5. The costumes are too adorable!! I'm guessing you and Mr. are going to be superheroes as well but dunno what. Superman and Catwoman? Oh, I can't wait to find out!

  6. mini Fox, go!! Such a big girl! And that picture of them loving on each other? So precious!!