Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Legoland Part 2

I didn't realize there was going to be a part 2...but there is, click here for part 1.

First, during the day they had trick or treating for the kids, Baby Fox loved it, they gave away magazines, candy, and some other random stuff:

But I have to tell you what happens AFTER you're done with the park...

Cousin #4 was staying at the Legoland Hotel, so we went and had dinner with them at the hotel. Let me tell you, they take Legos to a whole new level in that place. Everything was legos, from the picture frames to the flowers! I guess they change the pictures out depending on the season.

The kid activities (all told to me by my cousin)...first when you get to the hotel they give the kids a scavenger hunt to go on. They kids have to figure out a number sequence, and when they get all 4 numbers, it opens the treasure chest in your room, which then has legos that the kids get to keep! Each room has a bucket of legos for the kids to play with. 

Getting to your room is fun too, when the doors close the elevator becomes a disco dancing floor.

The rooms have bunk beds for the kids to sleep on. Each of the three floors has a different theme, they were on the adventure themed floor.

Back downstairs they had about 2 hours of entertainment for the kids. When you get to the hotel they tell you the theme of the night. Our theme was...Halloween Scary, or something like that. They have this huge pirate ship and it's "moat" is FILLED with thousands of legos...so the kids to get to building something to fit the theme of the night. Then a princess and pirate came out and did a Simon says type of game with them, charades, and then the building contest.

Each kid gets called and explains his or her lego creation. The night we went there were over 55 entries.

We didn't win, the girl that won had built a lego witch.
But it was a great way for the kids to blow off a little extra steam, get their creative juices flowing, and for the parents to sit back and relax and watch it all. Tip: Get there just after the park closes so you can be sure to get a table and chairs. We got there about 5:45 and we found the last two small tables.  It was such a great way to end the evening. Sitting in the lounge area, eating dinner with the kids ran around and built legos and played.

I'll end with 3 reasons why you need to go to Legoland/Legoland Hotel.


It's not as crowded as the other amusements parks as this park is really geared toward smaller children.


It opens at 10am and closes at 5pm so the longest you'll be there is 7 hours (unless you do the Brick or Treating, so add another 4 hours).


The hotel is awesome, and has so much for the kids to do, you could seriously take them there and they would never know :) Okay they might because there's no rides, but they would have the time of their life...


And one more because I'm nice like that. You can always get a discount to get in. Barbara's Cereal almost always has a coupon code to get 40% off. Also if you Google, you can almost always find a buy one get one free*, so we did buy one (me) get one free (Baby Fox) and then did a 40% off to get Mr. in (Mini Fox was free), so our grand total was about $120 for the 4 of us (Disneyland is $96/ticket!)

*the link provide says park hopper tickets, so I called and told them I only wanted to go to Legoland and didn't need a park hopper so they sold me just the Legoland ticket for $83 (the price of admission for Legoland) and then got a free one too. So just call and they'll do it for you, saves you almost $20.

I was not paid to tell you guys about this, I just went and thought it was a great experience for the family and thought I would share the wealth.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! How fun!!! Lucky kiddos. :-)

  2. LEGOLAND HOTEL!!! What the WHAT? I need to do this

  3. I've heard that going is a lot of fun! I don't understand the appeal of legos myself, but if Aria was to get into it I bet we'd make a trip. I hear it is really boring for older kids though. So definitely a little kid trip! Still looks like a great time.

  4. So fun! We went to LEGOLAND a year ago and my kids had a blast. I agree it's definitely not as crowded which was so nice. We spent the first two days of our vacation at Disneyland and California Adventures and the lines were horrible.
    We didn't stay at the hotel but that looks pretty fun too! :)

  5. wow, how fun! I wonder if they have that here. I'm surprised that it's not that crowded. Nothing like waiting in a line for close to 2 hours with toddlers to make you want to just turn around and go home, lol!! Off to google now to see if there's one near me. Thanks for the info!
    BTW, That's one cool hotel!

  6. I've always wanted to go to Legoland but have never made it there! Looks like so much fun!