Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween - Favorite Edition

Friday! Yay, not feeling much better, but you know what? It's Halloween, how can we not go out and have some fun?! I'm just hoping when the littles wake up they're feeling a bit better too.

Happy Halloween Friends! Onto Friday Favorites!

I realized that I haven't shown you my sparse Halloween decorations.

I've gathered these things over the years, mostly from Home Goods, gotta love that place! But this is the first time I've actually decorated my mantle for Halloween, not sure why I haven't in the past, it was fun having this up for October!

That picture frame...empty all month long, lazy, lazy, lazy...maybe now that I'm going to be packing it up, I'll put one in for next year.

My Monster Wreath, I love this guy and Mini Fox absolutely adores him and loves kissing and batting at his face.

My nails are all ready to go for tonight.

These are Jamberry nails and this is day 10 with them on. Not too bad right? The first time I did them I was sort of iffy on them, but now after trying them again, I really like them. I would definitely use these if I was going on vacation for 2 weeks and wanted something that lasts. I don't really like the gel polish only because it's hard to get off and I don't have time to go back to a salon to get them taken off or have the time to do it at home. These are a good alternative. This second time I feel like I put them on better and now 2 weeks later they are still pretty good.

Pumpkin carving, my Dad was supposed to watch the kids while I went to the gym, but things happened and I couldn't go, but my Dad had this pumpkin carving activity already planned, so he came over anyway.

Such concentration!

Red Power Ranger reporting for pumpkin duty

When it was all said and done, and we lite it up, Baby Fox freaked out and said, that's what it looks like? I don't like it! And went running.


I love that we found some friends to celebrate the holidays with. Our 4th year together, times go fast, I want to cherish every moment with these guys.
3 kids 
Apparently us Mom's didn't get a picture with the kids
4 kids
5 kids
One of them was sleeping in the stroller
6 kids, funny enough each one of us had a boy and a girl combo. Random.
Only one of the kids was missing, would rather play with the hay than take a picture, hehe


I know you guys are dying to find out what we are going to be for Halloween, well wait no further...

Get it, the kids are super heroes (fighting crime one bad guy at a time) and the we're the bank robbers

It's actually supposed to rain tonight, no rain for almost a year and it decides to come on Halloween, whatever we'll still have fun and bring it on rain!

One more just for fun.

When we took Mini Fox to the pumpkin patch last weekend, she basically had the same reaction to hay that Baby Fox did...these make me laugh.


Definitely siblings, hopefully next year will be better. And we even put a blanket down for her, haha


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  1. LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! And that is the yearly pictures with more kids each time...adds to the fun! What great memories!! Have an awesome night. Super costumes!!!

  2. I love pumpkin patch pictures! And mini fox is just too adorable!

  3. Love the yearly pumpkin patch photos! And your costumes are great! Happy Halloween! Thankfully we went with some friends last nigh and got it out of the way. Tonight they are calling for a rain/snow mix! AHHH!

  4. Aweeee how sweet! Even if they are crying!

  5. oh gosh sorry you were sick on Halloween! I love the unhappy hay pics though, so cute. And I love the pics each year with the additional kids - I love that about friends, we just keep growing! Love the super heroes and bank robbers costumes! Cute! hahaha, about the pumpkin - he did too good of a job!