Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Style Challenge - Week 2

Hello, hello! Another week of the Fall Challenge behind us. I did skip Day 7 because we went to Legoland and well, I wasn't about to wear pants, long sleeve t, and a scarf to Legoland on a 73° day, hehe. If you want to see what I wore on Day 1 and 2, click here.

Week 2 of the Fall Challenge

Let's break it down:

Day 3

Okay so I can't really break this down for you, because as I was transferring data from my camera to my laptop, the computer battery died and lost all of my pictures, boo! So I only got this one, so no close ups. If you look closely though, I do have a Ladder Necklace on, and I thought it really made the outfit less "country" plus the ankle boots helped too.

Shirt - Wet Seal, Pants - Loft (curvy), Booties - Nordstroms, Necklace -

Day 4

I'm sort of loving the fancy sweatshirt. I never would have picked this up in a million years, but it's super comfy yet looks nice and not sloppy. Because it has the lace detail I don't think it needs anything else, just by itself, perfect for taking care of tiny humans (bonus points if you know where that is from).

Pants - Loft (old), Fancy Sweatshirt - Loft, Leopard Flats - DSW (old)

Day 5

Okay I admit that I put this one, took the pictures and then changed into shorts and a tank top. I was literally sweating taking this picture. It called for a cardigan, and I think if I were going out at night, I could add it, but during the day it was just too much.You can't tell, but the jeans I'm wearing are grey.

Grey Jeans - Loft, Shirt - Target, Scarf - Target (looks like it's no longer available online, but I saw one in my local Target recently), Booties - Nordstroms

Day 6

This was the perfect Saturday running errands outfit. I was super comfortable but looked put together.

Yep, no make-up and all, that's how I run errands.

Day 7


Super comfy shorts, t-shirt, simple necklace, and some converse look a likes.

Day 8

I think this one is my favorite out of the week. I honestly didn't think I'd like the plaid shirt, thought it would make me feel too country, but I didn't, and that was a pleasant surprise.

Shirt - Wet Seal, Boyfriend Jeans - Old Navy, Military Jacket - Nordstroms (old), Booties - Target

Day 9

Again with the simple fancy sweatshirt, I think I need more fancy sweatshirts!

Black Jeans - Loft, Fancy Sweatshirt - Loft, Leopard Flats - DSW, Fox Ring - Francesca's Collection (old)

I tried on different necklaces, but nothing looked right against the lace, so I went with a nice fox ring, appropriate right?

I'm linking up with some fellow Fall Challengers, so take a peek at what they put together. It's so awesome to see people's different takes on the same outfit.

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  1. You look so pretty in all the outfits! I love the plaid shirt on you, and the lace sweatshirt is so pretty!

  2. I really like your plaid shirt and ladder necklace. I don't like all plaids but I really like that one. I don't think is to country at all!

  3. You are always so smiley and happy. Great post!

  4. You look great! I love your plaid looks- definitely NOT country! I also love how you tied your plaid scarf!

  5. Great outfits! You have a knack for putting together very stylish looks!

  6. Love the sweatshirt, especially with the blue pants!

  7. Oh my gosh, Sarah, you look gorgeous in everything!

  8. that plaid shirt was seriously made for you! Honestly, the fit, the color, it's awesome. I struggled with plaid but if I found one that looked this good then I'd be all over it.

  9. Great looks! You look fab in that plaid! :)

  10. You look smashing in everything but particularly like your leopard flats and animal print scarf, your military jacket and outfit, and that beautiful white embellished sweat shirt complete with FOX RING! Adorable.

  11. I can totally see your pieces working together as a capsule in these outfits. I think that is so great!! Love your booties.

  12. What great pictures! Your smile is totally contagious! I really love your dressy sweatshirt. Totally glans up an outfit!