Monday, October 13, 2014

The Furture Dr. Baby Fox

Hello Monday!

I had Friday off, so my weekend started on Thursday. Friday morning my Dad came by to give Baby Fox a donut and walk him to school with us. Guess who dressed Mini Fox? I at least had to put pigtails in so she looked less like a boy.

Shoe shopping!

We got home to eat a quick lunch and then off to pick up brother from school.

It was a no make-up kind of day

Then after Mr. got home I took a pretty bad spill on the stairs...while holding Mini Fox! Mama instincts kicked in and I sacrificed my body to save the bad did not fair well. I landed right on my back...and then slide down a couple of steps. Baby Fox was so sweet, he wanted to come comfort me, and ran up stairs to get a band-aid to make it all better. He also decided I needed the owie spray (Neosporin spray).

He put the first band aid on it, and then realized how big the owie was and ran to get more band aids and the owie spray. He's blowing on it so that it stings less, that's what I do with him.

Perhaps when Baby Fox becomes a doctor I can show this picture at his graduation, his first patient.

All fixed up.

It hurt on Saturday, and a little less each day after that. I got really lucky I didn't do more damage. Mostly it's a really bad rug burn and a tiny bit of I'm thankful it wasn't much worse.

Saturday morning was pretty low key, we were supposed to go out with some friends for lunch but that changed to dinner, so I took the opportunity to do some errands with Baby Fox. We stopped by a few stores then hit up the pumpkin patch to ride some quarter rides.

He's holding on for dear life, this one was pretty wild...and $0.50.

Then we hit up another mall for some more errands and got some lunch. Baby Fox wanted to sit outside.

Working on his numbers

Meanwhile Mr. took Mini Fox to the park.

After naps we headed out to meet our friends. We went to a pizza place called Micheal's Pizzeria. It was a small joint (probably not made for 4 children under 4, but whatever, we grown ups need to eat right?)

The boys sat down first while we waited for the table next to it to finish up, the girls stayed outside with the little kids...

It was really cool, they gave the kids dough for them to make their own pizza's at the table, for FREE!!! Baby Fox quickly lost interest, but I tried to get it to fit the round plate, but it ended up looking like a heart, totally on accident. They take the pizza to the back and add sauce and cheese.

Baby Fox doesn't eat pizza, but he does like bread with Olive Oil and Vinegar...

Mr. got a Carbonara Pizza...he said he was delisious!

You know you want to see him break the I videoed it for you.

After dinner we headed to Rite Aid for some Thrify Ice Cream...remember when it was 25 cents for an ice cream cone? It's $1.50 now.

The kids all held hands on their own, it was the cutest thing ever.

Yep Mini Fox is back there standing in her car seat/stroller...don't worry Mr. had a hand on her.

Ice Cream Cheers!

These two are 10 days apart

Yep, we're those folks, standing in Rite Aid eating ice cream on a Saturday night. Want to know how we met these folks? They were our Orthodontists when Mr. and I both got our Invisalign. Crazy right, now they're our really good friends. They moved up to Northern California about a year ago, so we don't get to see them much.

Full of sugar and running around

Mini Fox LOVES being on Mr.'s shoulders.

We let the kids blow off some sugar steam before we all got in the car.

The best picture we could get all of them...they were like jumping beans

Hugs goodbye

Sunday was a pretty low key day. Church and donuts. Baby Fox wanted to wear his suite to church. Who am I to deny him?

Followed by a Costco run to spend lots of money.

Mini Fox got some time on the computer...smashing buttons.

I made some flank steak, potatoes, grilled onions and broccoli for dinner, it was yummy. Perfect way to end the weekend and start the new week.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Great pictures!! Love the one of them all holding hands!

  2. How precious is he blowing on your boo boo! So cute!

  3. they're both so super adorable! love them

  4. Sounds like a really fun weekend - well, except for you falling down the stairs - ouch! Glad you're ok. Your kids are so cute - I love seeing all the pictures. I finally got the go ahead from my dentist to start my Invisalign treatment in January. I'm so excited and can't wait to have straight teeth again. I love the Younique lashes - I just got some of their mascara and it's truly amazing. Looks great on you!

  5. Oh my gosh.... your long weekend sounds dreamy! You guys always make the most of your time together and I love it! That pumpkin patch looks SO fun!
    I'm soooo sorry you fell down the stairs :( We shouldn't be allowed to get hurt when our aging bodies already hurt, ha!

  6. I totally have a fear of falling down the stairs while holding the baby! Glad you're ok! And how sweet was baby fox. And I love the crayon bandaids!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. That pizza looks SO YUMMY!! Thank goodness we are having pizza for dinner tonight. :)

    I'm glad your fall down the stairs wasn't worse! One of my biggest fears is falling while carrying a baby. Good job with the Mama instincts!

  8. aww how sweet to help take care of your big boo boo

  9. How nice to have a Friday off and to have your Dad come over to walk to school! Eeek, I hope your back is okay! So sweet of baby Fox to want to doctor you!!! Precious moments. Love the bandaids!! Haha. I love that giant jack-o-lantern at the pumpkin patch. Cute pictures! Looks like a fun weekend.