Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Style Me Challenge - Week 4

Last week of the challenge, I can't believe how fast it went by. Too fast! Here are the past weeks if want to take a look, Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.  Although our weather didn't quite cooperate as much as I would have liked, I can definitely carry a lot of these outfits into our winter.

So here are the last 5 outfits.

Day 17

This outfit called for a leopard scarf, but I wore that on Tuesday, so I decided to go with a floral one instead.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Target, Jeans - Loft, Cardigan - Loft, Flats - Payless, Scarf - Norstroms (old)

Day 18

I didn't think I would like this combo, but it was super comfortable. I thought that it needed something else, and I'm obsessed with scarves, so why not add a scarf? I thought it really completed the whole outfit.

Long sleeve T-shirt - Target, Boyfriend Jeans - Old Navy (old), Vest - Old Navy, Wedges - Target, Scarf - Nordstroms (old)

Day 19

I admit when Alison suggested this outfit I was a bit skeptical, but I put it on anyway. I wasn't quite sure, but looking at the pictures I think it works. I thought it made me look boxy, but not so much? How do you wear button down shirts with sweaters over them?

Plaid Shirt - Wet Seal, Jeans - Loft, Sweater - Target, Leopard Flats - DSW

Day 20

These are my new boots, I sort of love them. After seeing so many people wearing cognac boots, I had to have a pair too.

Fancy Sweatshirt - Loft, Skinny Jeans - Loft, Boots - Macys

Day 21

I felt like this outfit was very similar to day 17, same shirts, different pants, so I went with a different sweater instead. I think it's unexpected, and I sort of like that. I absolutely love this sweater.

Now that this challenge is over, I'm looking forward to the Winter Challenge, even though I'm fairly certain non of it will apply to where I live, but at least when I go somewhere cold maybe once a year, I'll have a lot of cute outfits to go with me. I'm going to actually try to shop my closet for the Winter Challenge...yea right, but a girl can try!

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Us style challengers decided that we were having so much fun linking up that we decided to do a mini link-up.  So join us starting on Friday!


  1. Love everything - but especially the vest, the dressy sweatshirt and of course the FOX sweater!

  2. Stopping by from the linkup. Love all of these looks but my favorites are the puffer vest with the striped scarf and the fox sweater!


  3. Sarah, I am so glad you are wearing the sweater with the fox! Totally appropriate. Made me :)! All of these outfits really fit you well and look great on you as well. You commented that you tell my style had grown through the challenges and I think the same is so true for you. I totally see a stylist woman in these pictures.

  4. 5 great outfits. You nailed this week in pants. Days 17 and 18 are my faves, Sarah.

    Welcome by sometimes. Thanks, Ada. =)