Monday, November 10, 2014

An All Family Weekend

I've had a rough couple of weeks. This past weekend was helping me get through it all, knowing that I was going to get some good family time in. One of my cousins is a senior in high school and the other is a Junior and and I told them that I would go see them play this season. I picked a date that worked with our schedule and it happened to be a rivalry game, so the Varsity Team parents organized a tailgate, although not so much tailgate as they had a taco guy come in. But it was fun hanging out with everyone beforehand.

Can you guess which cousin is mine? haha...

The other one is standing right near the "3".

A lot of eating of candy and popcorn happened by this guy.

It got a little cold, so he bundled up, 5 minutes later everything came back off cause he was hot, go figure.

We actually left at half time, not by choice, my Dad wanted to leave and we all carpooled, so we had to follow. The score when we left, yep that 28, is our score. The end score was 7 to 35.

On our way out we saw a firetruck and I was having Baby Fox pose by it and as we were walking away the firemen were coming back from wherever they were, and asked Baby Fox if he wanted to get in...pretty awesome way to end the night.

We stayed with my aunt, Mr. was sick, so he stayed behind with my aunt and Mini Fox. Eating like a big girl.

Another reason we went out there was to see Cutie #1 (from Cousin #4) in his football game.

He's number 26
Mini Fox wanted to play too

It was 91° out, it was hot, Baby Fox helped keep Nana cool.

Matching shirts, although it didn't help them at all this weekend.

Baby Fox absolutely adores his older cousin and calls him My Buddy.

Sunday was family picture day! I decided I wanted to get them way earlier this year because I want to take advantage of the Cyber Monday sale at Shutterfly this year. Last year everything was on sale and then on Cyber Monday you got an additional 50% off, so hoping they have the same sale this year.

Waiting for the photographer

I thought this was a good sign of things to come...but this was the ONLY smile we got all day, the rest of the time she was stone faced serious. OH well!

A train! Baby Fox loved it.

Here's a sneak peak, the very last photo taken by iPhone, and we're all soaked, minus Mini Fox, she wanted nothing to do with sand, so we held her the whole time. I can't wait to get the photos back!

Afterwards we went to lunch at this cute cafe. People must have thought I put this much make-up on for Sunday brunch

It was a great weekend with family. Everyone in my family is finally getting over being sick, so hopefully this week is much better then last week!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Sometimes being around family is the best medicine! And I so can't wait to see your photos!!!

  2. No no, they just thought man is she pretty! You all look so nice in your fam pics. And, how awesome and nice of those firemen to let him in the truck. Night made.

  3. What a fun weekend! I love going to high school football games - such a fun atmosphere. Looks like your family pictures are going to turn out great!

  4. those last few pics of your and baby fox are too cute.. and mini fox is precious!