Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fiesta Surprise Party

I showed you a little bit of the surprise party on Monday, but here's all the details. Well as many as I can give you, I am such a horrible picture taker when I am throwing a party. I seriously need to hire someone to just do it for me, because I NEVER get pictures.This time I got the people, Mini Fox's party I got the decorations. One day, I'll remember to take pictures of both the decorations AND the people.

So all week I was making these:

I followed what I did to make really big tissue pom poms and modified it. After a lot of trial and error I got it down to a science. I'm going to share it with you, you're welcome. I think this might even spark a new pom pom tutorial, but need to take pictures and find the time to do a tutorial, but it's coming, I promise. Here it is in words, with no pictures. I hope this comes across well. If not, skip past this part.

I used one basic package of tissue paper (bought at the dollar tree store, it came with 25 sheets of multi-colored paper). Separated the colors, each one had 25 sheets, which worked out perfect. Then I laid out one color of tissue paper (5 sheets) unfolded and flat with the fold lines horizontal to me. I then cut the tissue papers into 3 vertical strips. Then each on of those strips I cut in half, now I have three stacks of 10 pieces of tissue paper that were roughly the same size. I then took two pieces of tissue from each pile and created another stack. Then I took one more piece of tissue from one other stack. So now I have 2 piles with 8 pieces of tissue, and 2 piles with 7 pieces of tissue. Then you just follow my pom pom tutorial and you're good to go.

I did make some smaller ones, instead of cutting into three strips I cut them into 4 strips. Just make sure that they only have 6-7 pieces of tissue, anything more then that and it gets hard to "poof". Trust me I learned the hard way.

Then I found some bamboo skewers and hot glued them in. Simple right? Find a vase, in our case we used some metal buckets and create your arrangements. There are 7 arrangements here.

One of them close up.

We bought a lot of the stuff at Party City, and then I made some of the stuff, okay I made two things, but still they were really time consuming.

This is not my house, it's my aunt's house: Here's the entryway. We hung these lanterns here and then the rest of the package went outside in the trees (which of course I didn't take a picture of).

On the wall opposite of the door, we just put one of these fans and some fresh flowers.

Then we put some buplap and fabric on the table with the "flower" arrangement and a fan, I thought it looked great, even though very few people sat here.

We hung a fiesta banner in the kitchen to make it a little more festive. 

We bought these margarita glasses for both the decoration and use. Which of course I don't have a picture of. We used some of those pom poms in them and scattered them around. You can sort of see them in the background on that wall back there. They've been moved and used, so you can only really see two, but we had them set up super cute on that wall back there.

We bought these napkins for the drinks, since the Taco Man was going to bring napkins, plates and utensils for us.


We bought two more of those fiesta banners and hung them outside. You can see them on either side of the lights. Which happened to already be there, so we lucked out with those! They matched the theme perfect.

Of course you can't forget the pinata! I was actually going to convert it to a pull string pinata, but it came with it already done, score! In case you don't know, see all those strings hanging? Well each kid gets to pull one and only one of them opens the trap door to release the candy. Although the candy we bought was too big, so after the trap door was opened nothing came out, really anticlimactic I tell ya.

We had two small tables outside, which we put the burplap and the fabric on.You can see it there on the left. This is actually the moment when the trap door is being opened, hence the two hand pull.

I cannot tell you how awesome having someone cater and serve the food was. We didn't have to worry about it at all, and everyone loved it. It was a fun part of the party, and of course where we spent most of our money.

Yep he brought all of the condiments too!

Meet Jerry, he's the most awesome taco man ever!
As soon as the birthday got there, everyone ran to get the food, yum! He stayed for three hours and pretty much people were eating the entire time.

And that is the party in a nutshell. So who's ready to throw a fiesta party?! If you can't hire a taco guy, you can still cater from a Mexican restaurant. We did that for Baby Fox's construction party and it worked out great!


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  1. What a fun party idea! I love the catering option! We are going super low key for Xavier's 3rd birthday party this year. He loves TMNT so pizza is perfect...and cheap! lol!

  2. I officially want to have a taco party! Haha- my favorite kinda' food! Everything turned out super cute too :)

  3. Great party ideas! Anything involving Mexican food gets thumbs up from me :)

  4. so fun! seriously, you throw and attend the coolest parties!!! I need to up my game!

  5. Girl, you know I can't wait for that tutorial, ha ha!
    Seriously, what an amazing party! I'm in love with all the decor!

  6. It’s so hard to take pictures when you’re hosting a party! So hard. I’ve been there many times. The poms came out great and I love all of the festive colors. Such a great party!