Friday, November 7, 2014

A Look Into My Closet

We are all having so much fun with the Fall Challenge, linking up with each other that we decided to create a link up so we could keep the fun going. This week the top is a peek into our closets/organizational tips. I can't say much for the organizational tips, but I can show you my closet.

When we moved into our house, Mr. re-did the closet for me, and gave me as much hanging room as possible. And then I bought those small thin hangers so I could get as much in as possible. I might have a problem. You decide.

Right Side

Left Side

So let's break it down:

The top rack is my clothes

1) Tank Tops
2) Short Sleeve Tops
3) Long sleeve shirts and blouses
4) Sweaters and jackets

The bottom rack is for Mr., although I've taken over some of his rack too

1) Short sleeve shirts
2) Dress Shirts
3) Polo Shirts
4) See Below

This is the part that I've taken over of Mr.'s rack

I don't ask for much, just some space for:
1) Skirts
2) Shorts

Now onto the back wall and the left side

1) Dresses: this includes the 7 weddings I've been a bridesmaid, and all the random dress I've worn to weddings, I never get rid of a fancy dress, you just never know.
2) My pants
3) Mr.'s pants
4) Mr.'s shoes
5 and 6) My shoes (I have a problem: See below)

See what I've showed you? Those are Mr.'s the rest are mine...yikes!

Under the dresses

Under the pants

These are under Mr.'s shirts

I can't forget my scarves, this time last year I had about 2 scarves...I've really added to my collection

and one last spot in my bathroom, under my sink.

Let me break it down for you:

For the jewelry I've gotten so many over the years that the one drawer I had them in wasn't cutting it, so I put them in baggies and then put them in the show boxes

The necklaces, keeps them untangled from each other and I can grab a baggie and see what's in it easily

The bracelets in a different box

The rest of those drawers in there, are pretty much a free for all, I admit it, I need to get better, but it just hasn't happened it. Maybe one day...

So that's my closet and my organization tips (okay just one, but it's something).

Now go check out some other bloggers and see what they're closets look like. I'm most excited for Deena, I've seen her closet in the background, but never in pictures.


  1. I am bookmarking this post...when someone tells me I have too many clothes...I'm going to reference this and tell them I could have more!! HAHAHAHA!!! Awesome closet/organization!!!

    1. Not sure if I should say thank you, and/or make sure my husband doesn't see this comment and be slightly embarrassed with how many clothes I have, hehe.

  2. I love how organized your closet is! Great idea on the jewelry storage - I might give that a try!

    1. yes you definitely should! Since I started organizing it like that, it's made my life so much easier!

  3. Now that is one very organized closet! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely! I like the way you are encroaching on Mr.'s closet space. I am doing the same with my Mr. Poor guy! How well do the plastic shoe boxes work for your shoes? I like being able to see my shoes but I really don't like my shoe racks! Your cute labels on your pictures are a great idea. What program allowed you to do that? Thanks for the great ideas.

  5. WHOA! I'm totally coming to raid your clothes and shoes and accessories!

  6. You have an awesomely organized closet and holy bins, batman! You get the queen of organized crown.

  7. Luckily you to have such a big closet and nicely organized!

  8. You have a HUGE closet! Wow! I love the way you pointed everything out - great diagram. :)

  9. wow, you have stuff!! I love the jewelry baggies, that is a clever way to keep them separate! And, you can never have enough shoes =)