Wednesday, November 12, 2014

That Time I Tried an Outfit Selfie and Failed

My wireless remote broke for my camera, I tried to just click the shutter and run into place, but I can't seem to get anything in focus. My house is a mess and I have no where to take a picture right I decided today is going to be the first selfie outfit post. I think I totally failed, you be the judge.

I really dislike it getting dark so early now. I leave for work at 5am and get home at 5pm, it's dark. So outfit posts aren't happening outside right now. I need to take them inside somewhere, but the lighting in my bathroom is horrible. I bring our lap from our bedroom makes the lighting even more weird. I realize that all these pictures are slightly blurry too, because there wasn't much light, the flash didn't work and I need a new plan for outfit posts.

Anyway, enough complaining. This outfit I threw together in 5 seconds flat. I didn't have to think about it, I just threw it on and walked out the door. Which is much needed because I want all the sleep I can get, so I need something quick and easy.

This is the scarf I got from the scarf exchange I did with my girlfriends

I should have just used the DSLR camera and gotten slightly blurry photos, since that's how these turned out because of the low light and shaky hands.

I was playing around with some fake eyelashes, I actually bought these (Ardell 204) for our family photo shoot, but decided they were just too long and went with a different pair (a Japanese pair from Daiso, everything in there is a $1.50, it's awesome).. I finally got them to work and by work I mean I wasn't a fumbling mess and actually got them to stick to my skin. So instead of putting on eye make up I put on these babies and it totally looks like I did my make up...sort of.

I look like a deer in headlights in this one. So see my hair? I tried a no heat curl, and it totally worked! It was super easy, and even though I was running late yesterday, I just took the twisted braid out, combed my fingers through and I was done 30 seconds later. EASY! This was after a full 12 hours of having it in. When I first took them out my hair was a bit poofy, but it relaxed and I am loving how easy it is. They are slighly tighter waves than when I use the curling wand, but super simple and something to do so my hair isn't stick straight. Plus it gives my hair a break from the flat iron I use everyday. Yes I use one everyday, because I have some awesome bedhead.

I actually didn't end up taking my jacket off yesterday, but I really like how simple but put together this outfit is.

Moral of this post, I will not be taking any more outfit selfies. I look like a deer in headlights and my bathroom lights are less than desirable.


  1. You are adorable! Love the outfit. And your bathroom is huge!!!

  2. holy giant bathroom!!!!
    love the lashes, so fun!!! I used to wear fakies all the time when I went out... now I just don't go 'out' lol!

  3. I honestly don't think your selfies look bad. I'm always trying to find better lighting too. Love the outfit, and the scarf is really pretty!

  4. you crack me up, and also, do you have a bed in that bathroom? Dance studio? What the WHAT? I want a tour of your house.

  5. Biggest bathroom ever! And you look great! Shaky selfie bad lighting and all. Love the skirt.

  6. The scarf is just lovely -- and so is your bathroom!

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  7. You are so cute! And I loooove your outfit! My fave is that it took seconds to pick out and throw on! Those are the best kinds of outfits, ha!
    Also, your tub in the background looks so dreamy!

  8. outfit selfies are SO tough! but i think you look great! loving this outfit with the jacket. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. A very cute outfit and you definitely should do a bathroom tour!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes