Monday, November 17, 2014


Remember on Friday how I told you I was making all of those "poofs"? Well it was for my sister and the surprise party my mom and I planned for her. This is a picture of how many I made. Guess what I made?

Okay you don't have to wait long for the answer, I made them into flower arrangements!

The party was actually at my Aunt and Uncle's house, so on Friday after work my Mom picked me up and we went to decorate. I think the decorations came out pretty great, too bad I forgot to take pictures of all of it. DOH! We decided to hire a taco man for the food, so we just ran with that theme. Plus it's a long time joke that my sister always says she's Latin (p.s. she's the whitest, as she says, ghost like girl you can meet)

I'll post more pictures of the party tomorrow.

Saturday was pretty low key until we had to go to the party. Baby Fox and I went and got some balloons and another fiesta banner, can never have too many of these. These made the party. Well that and my flower arrangements of course.

The balloons barely fit in the car. Baby Fox did not want his picture taken. I can't see you, you can't see me right?
While waiting for party time, Mini Fox really really wanted to get up on the chair. Girl has determination.

Made it Mommy!

And then I took her off the chair and put her here, and she threw herself on the ground. Dramatic much? So I took her picture instead. Yep see that foot back there, she was actually kicking and crying. Where do they learn these things?!

We had some last minute things to set up outside, that we couldn't do the day before. But we were ready 30 minutes before guests started in my book. Usually we're still setting up before guests arrive, I think having a party at someone else's house gets stuff done faster and more efficent...hmm...

 Me and the birthday girl

See that lipstick? I got that from my November Ipsy bag, LOVE it and the color. I might have to go buy it.
 Taco man was a HUGE hit. If you're in the Los Angeles area, I have a taco guy, it's awesome and worth EVERY PENNY!

Yep taco man provided everything seen, we had to do NOTHING. Okay that drink there at the bottom right, we provided that, haha. But he provided all of the condiments, chips, beans, rice and 4 different kinds of meat.
 The party goers

When you can't find Mr. it's probably because he's playing with the kids. Yep Mr. against 5 boys, a girl and Mini Fox. Although the latter two aren't in the picture. Mr. says he was really "winning" he was just letting the boys think they were winning, haha.

This picture doesn't really convey how crazy all the boys and Mr. really were.
 Like the kids needed more reason to go crazy, we did a pinata. It was a hit.

Mr. picked out and got Mini Fox ready, he did a pretty good job. He said that she had 4 different outfits on and that he was having trouble finding bottoms to go with a top. He complained that none of her bottoms go with her tops. Guess we'll have to guy some more :)
 Selfie...I think I might have perfected the selfie. This is the first try, with a real camera I might had, so I really couldn't see what picture I was taking.

We spent the night at my Aunt and Uncle's and Sunday morning we went out to breakfast. Do you think Mini Fox liked her breakfast?

Usually we don't let her go wild with the food, but we had been sitting there for a while, and she was STARVING, and well, it was just cute.

After we got home the kids wanted to blow off some steam, so I took them to the park.

After naptime I took the kids to my parents for dinner. Mr. stayed behind to get some work done. Baby Fox really wanted to help my sister open her gifts.

All done!
Yep that's avocado up her nose
 Time for some pudding, don't worry it's sugar free, and she only got a few more bites after this.

Then Baby Fox got the rest...and of course everyone sits like this while eating pudding right?

And to end the night, we let Baby Fox watch one episode of Little Einsteins...him and my sister are "blasting off"

If you don't know Little Einsteins, look it up. It's one of my favorite shows for Baby Fox. It's educational, the whole episode is based around classical music, it's interactive and Baby Fox absolutely loves it. And let's face it, we're watching it most of the time too, and this one is one I actually enjoy watching with him.

That was our fun weekend! I won't mention that my sister is trying to pass kidney stones and we weren't sure if the party was even going to happen. She's a trooper, this is the third time she's gotten them, at least she knows what to expect...let's pray they pass quickly. She's passed some of them on Thursday night, but still had some more to go. Insert sad face here.

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  1. Flower poofs are such a great idea! I also love your backyard area, it's beautiful!!

  2. The poufs came out great! What a fun party! I think I got lip color too. Is it a tube and says lip paint? I think it may be too dark for me? Not sure! Great pictures!

  3. Came across your blog via the weekend link up :) What a great idea for a party I love the flowers you made!

  4. Love this!! The DIYs for the fiesta look like so much fun!!! Also, love that you had a taco guy!!! You're little Fox is too cute! Love her little diva tantrum. My daughter is the same way, totally understand ;) Very over-the-top...where do they learn these things? ha!

  5. Oh my gosh, look at how adorable those are!! How did you get them so small? Did you cut a ton off or use certain tissue paper? I LOVE them!
    Your poor sis! Thank heavens she was a trooper!
    What a great weekend!!

  6. What a great party! Wells is in toddler tantrum phase too- so dramatic! Hope those stones pass quickly for your sister in law!