Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two In One

I bought this dress at Old Navy last year, along with the dress I wore for our family photo session (which I realize I never posted those photos...perhaps that will be a post soon). This might be my go to fall/winter outfit. Leggings, dress, blazer, scarf, ankle boots. Actually I'm wearing this same combo, different dress, different scarf, but same bottom line. Easy to pick out at 5am.

Then I took the jacket off for a more relaxed look. I love this look too. Super comfortable but put together.

I love these fake eyelashes, they're great! They are actually from Daiso Japanese store, and were $1.50, I think they are prefect for me.

So that's what I would look like if I actually had eyelashes.

If you look closely you can see my grey hair coming in...yea that white streak on the left side of my head (well left to you, right side on me...that's confusing) that's not shiny hair, that's grey coming in.

Mr. took action shots of me taking off my jacket.

What's your favorite go to outfit?

Here's a random story for you:

About 18 years ago my Grandma decided that she wanted to get all of the grandkids pencils with their name on it. I thought it was cute and used them throughout college. She bought each of us like 20 pencils or something. forward and I'm now working, and I like using pencils you sharpen over mechanical pencils, don't you just love the smell of freshly sharpened pencil? I'm down to my last 3 pencils, which makes me sad, so I am using them down to the point I can barely hold them. So I've lost one, and I'm sad because now I only have 2 of them left. I'm in a meeting and someone has my pencil! They're using MY pencil! I say, hey that's my pencil! And they're like no it's not, it's mine. Besides you can't prove it. Then I'm like yea, does your pencil have YOUR name on it? He rolls over the pencil and sure enough he has egg in his face as my name in printed on the pencil clear as day. Bam, take that pencil stealer! I'm down to my last pencil, last 4.5 inches of it.  Now that my Grandma has passed away, I think it will just sit at my desk reminding me of how awesome my Grandma was.

Oh one more thing! It's my sisters birthday! Happy Birthday Aunt Foxy, the most fun, loving, creative and best aunt my kids could ask for!


  1. Super cute! Love your pattern mixing!

  2. Love this outfit! And I have been meaning to say this for awhile now, your makeup/skin/etc looks incredible! What are you doing? How can I do that too? :)
    And I feel ya on the gray hair :( I have a few showing up that are way too easy to see! Thankfully I have a hair appointment on Monday evening :)

  3. How do you steal a pencil and not even notice it has a name on it...geesh.

    Love that dress! Super cute and looks comfy. Love how you styled it both times =)

  4. Cute outfits, Sarah! I like both of them on you. You look great, friend! Here's my question - would you have put this together before the Style Me Challenges? I sure would not have done it all!

  5. You make me happy. I think it's your smile. I find myself smiling while I read your whole post, is that weird?

  6. I love that dress with the leggings - and the scarf is the perfect color! I had pencils like that with my name on them when I was little too - sadly I don't have any more!

  7. I actually own a similar gray-striped dress so will give this a try. That scarf is gorgeous. Loving the photo of your kids with their aunt. Happy Birthday to her!!

  8. Love the dress and your makeup is so pretty in these pics! Gorgeous lady!