Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites #10

Yay it's Friday! Tomorrow I'm throwing a "surprise" birthday party for my sister. I put surprise in quotes because it was a surprise. But then she had to be all difficult and cancel the plans we had to get her to the party, so I ended up telling her so that she would go. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right? But here are some things I'm happy about.


This jacket. I bought it back during the Spring Style Me Challenge, but never got to wear it because it was hot, and then summer came and it got even hotter. And now that the temps have cooled a bit, down to the low 70's, woo hoo! I felt it totally appropriate to pile on the layers. I love this jacket and you might see it more then once in the coming months. 


This guy makes me heart stop. He always wants to cuddle and watch tv. So after work I cuddled him for a bit. I think I need to make my case for an upgrade to my phone. If for anything to get better selfies.


We pulled this out the other day, I thought I had sold it, but nope, there it was in the garage. She thinks she's hot stuff riding around on it.

Her "cheese" face

For the party, I've made about 50 of these guys...I can't wait to show you guys how we use 50 poofs (as Mr. Calls them). He said, you know every time I see you have a different poof in your hands, bathing the kids, making dinner, you always have one. Well yes Mr. making 50 of things in 3 days will make a person do that :)


And what would a Friday Favorite be without a video, This one...hilarious, people have way too much time on their hands, enough said, just watch it.

Have a great weekend! Doing anything fun?

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  1. Love that jacket and the scarf! Enjoy those sweet cuddles. Cuddling with my little man is my favorite!