Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Night

I know, one more day of Halloween talk and then I'm done...I promise :)

Little Miss though she was hot stuff walking around

and riding on the big kid plasma car. We found this Plasma car like, but for toddlers, we're hoping she'll get around faster, and that way Baby Fox has one and Mini Fox has one her size.

She got on this all by herself and was propelling herself all over the place
 Our full outfits, see my shirt? I actually cut off the sleeve, took the whole thing in and then reattached the sleeves. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. The only size they had was a men's one size fits all, it fit Mr. it did NOT fit me.

Kids all ready to go

 Mini Fox's first official, I'm old enough to get my own candy. She held onto that starbursts like it was the last one on earth.

 So many to chose, not sure which one...what's Daddy want to eat, since I have no teeth?

They are all getting so big! 

Years past:


Missing one kid


The rest of the weekend was super lazy. Saturday we had the laziest of days, Mr., Mini Fox and myself were all sick, so we let Baby Fox pick out two videos from RedBox and let him watch movies all day long, sometimes you just need one of those days.

Sunday was sort of like that, I did the grocery shopping and then went to the movies, yep, I went to the movies with some friends for the first time in...I can't even remember. We saw Gone Girl. To tell you the truth I was in the middle of reading and just found it hard to finish, I was really dragging on reading it, so I figured I would see it and then finish the book if I thought it was worth it. Well it was so good, I really liked it. Definitely worth finishing!

And that was our weekend. How was your weekend?

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  1. Love, love ,LOVE your costumes!! Your family is just the cutest! What a fun Halloween!!

  2. Love your costumes! All of those kiddos look adorable! The weather here was perfect for laying around watching movies too!

  3. I love your halloween costumes! It rained so hard here on Halloween, and we only got 12 trick or treaters! Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Love all of your Halloween costumes!! So cute!

    I also didn't finish Gone Girl before watching it, but now I will finish it LOL.

  5. Hey, nice job on being crafty with your shirt! I wouldn't even know where to being =) I love that she could figure out the plasma car. I debated one of those for forever, but wasn't sure where Aria would ride it.