Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas at the Fox's

I had every intention of blogging about Christmas, but then the littles got sick, and well you know what happens when littles get sick, nothing gets done. They were tag teaming us on the nap schedules too. Good news is: they seem to be on the mend. No one woke up in the middle of the night last night, so that's a plus.

I guess I'll start with Christmas, we hosted 12 adults and 4 kids. Other than the meat taking an extra 2 hours then thought to cook, everything turned out great! Baby Fox had a little playmate to run around with, so he wasn't bored, and the two little kids chased the big kids everything worked out in the end.

I guess I'll just start with Wednesday night. We went to church at the Bascillica in San Juan Capistrano, it was so pretty! I wish I had taken some pictures, but forgot my camera.

After church we headed back to my parents for dinner and presents. My parents went overboard to say the least. Mini Fox might have gotten a whole new wardrobe!

She wanted to put everything once

No dinner is complete without some pumpkin pie and whipped cream

After we got home I made Baby Fox's birthday cake. He wanted it to have swedish fish in it...

oops, made the hole a little too big, so it started to crack, note to self, don't make the hole too big. don't worry, I fixed it with a bunch of frosting...

Morning came and Baby Fox was so excited! We did this to his door. 

Then we woke up Mini Fox

Finally time for presents!

We opened a few gifts:

But we had to take a break to play with some of the gifts:

then we ate some breakfast and continued with the present opening:

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, we had set up the tables earlier in the week, and had everything ready to go it was nice not having to run around trying to get stuff done the day of.

We took the meat out to come to room temp, and of course by the time it was ready to cook, it was still cold! Oops, which meant that it took forever for the meat to cook, but hey what can ya do?

23 pounds of prime rib
 We were supposed to eat around 5pm, but it took 2 extra hours to we did a ginger bread house

Opened gifts before dinner instead of after

good thing we had some good appetizers!

Which all got eaten...good thing it was good and there was a lot
but finally, finally the meat finished!

and my cousin sliced it up

and everyone got the food and were happy campers, especially because it turned out so good! Phew!

After dinner we did birthday cake for Baby Fox

Love the photo bomber back there
It was a great Christmas with family and friends. Next year the meat will be done on time!

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  1. How much fun!! The prime rib looks so YUM!! Love the Matching pjs!! Happy New Year!!