Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Style Challenge

We're back for another Style Me Challenge! I love seeing how everyone style's their outfits just a little differently to make them unique. If you don't know what a Style Challenge is, click here for the explanation. This is my 4th challenge and I can't wait to get started! Spring Style Challenge, Summer Style Challenge and the Fall Style Challenge. Since this is my forth challenge and I have spent a lot on clothes this year, I've decided to try and shop my closet for this challenge, maybe buying 1 or 2 pieces. So far the only thing I've bought is that fur scarf that you see me wearing down there. I'm undecided on some other things, so I'm waiting to see how other ladies style things, and I'll decided if I want to get one myself.

Since it's Christmas time, and it gets dark early out, all of my pictures are going to be in front of my Christmas tree, I hope that's okay.

 Day 1
We were supposed to have a cable knit sweater, but I don't currently have one, and since I'm trying to shop my closet, I decided to go with this coral/pink polka dot sweater.  I love polka dot anything, and this was so comfy. The fur scarf was such a deal too, for only $12.90! I wish they hadn't sold out. Sorry girls!

Polka Dot Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft (old), Skinny Jeans - Nordstrom, Riding Boots - Macy's, Scarf - Nordstrom (sold out)

Mr. making me laugh, he was telling me that I was giving him nothing to work with...haha.

Day 2

When I saw what today's outfit was supposed to be I wasn't so sure. But I put it on anyway. I was pleasantly surprised, I loved it! Super simple, and really put together. What do you think?

Tunic - Nordstroms (sold out), Leggings - Norstroms, Boots - Macy's, Vest - Old Navy (sold out)

I took off the vest and added a fancy necklace and bracelet, both from Ann Taylor Loft from 4 years ago. I might actually wear this to the Christmas Party I'm going to on Saturday.

Please excuse the awful nail polish job! Clearly I have to change it out, don't worry I took it off last night, of course after taking this picture! Oops.

Now go check out some of the other ladies doing the challenge with me. I can't believe this is the 4th time I've been doing this with them. I love all of them, and can't wait to see their outfits! Didn't Deena do a great job with the graphic?


  1. Loving all of these outfits! I am trying really hard to not buy anything new right now as well! I am sure I will get gift cards for Christmas, so it can at least wait until then :)

  2. This post really makes me miss my pre pregnancy clothes!! You are so cute and I love the outfits. :)

  3. I love both outfits on you, but especially number two. I wasn't sure I would like it either, but it was so comfy and cute! Your tree is beautiful!

  4. Love that coral do sweater! And the vest! You look great in both!

  5. You look great! Making me think I need to actually wear that Nordstrom scarf I bought. Have been a bit intimidated by it so far. And what a beautiful tree, as well. :)

  6. that pic of you laughing is my fav!!!! such a great pic! My computer is being a jerk so all the pics aren't loading, but at least i got that one :) and your tree is beautiful!!!

  7. I love that we get the behind the scenes with you and the hubster!

  8. I love the polka dot sweater. Great pop of color.

  9. You are too cute. Not only are your outfits spot on - especially lovin' that tunic with the zipped shoulder - but your tree is almost as cute as you are. That polka dot ribbon is THE BEST!

  10. I do like dot sweaters and this one looks really nice with the scarf. Details on outfit two make it so unique - like the zippers on the tunic. Pretty styling, Sarah!