Friday, December 19, 2014

More Christmas Decorations + Some Cute Pictures

Hey, hey it's Friday! What two posts in one day?! I really wanted to get that Reindeer Hot Chocolate thing posted, but I'm participating in a link up today, so there you have it, two posts, one day.  It's almost the start of my vacation! I just have to work half day on Tuesday, random I know, but I need to pick up some meat for Christmas dinner and it's right by my work, so I might as well work a little bit right?

Back to the link up, some of the girls from my Style Challenge wanted to do a little more then just post about clothes, today's topic is about Christmas decorating. Although I did post a little bit about that here. Some of the decorations weren't up yet, and not quite finished. But I'm done...only 3 weeks later, haha.

My favorite part about the house is our new Christmas tree! When I first posted it, we didn't have the ribbon and I didn't have the silver bells polished...but they're done now!

Here's a close up, I think the ribbon and the silver bells really adds something even more spectacular to the tree

We have 30 of these, Mr.'s Mom bought him one every year until he was 30, it's a great addition to the tree, and I'm so glad that it worked out that we could keep using them.

My favorite part of the tree are these little white puff balls, they are I am going to store any of this, acceptable to leave your Christmas tree out year round?

Behind our sink is these containers that usually has fruit in them, but I switch it out during Christmas.

Since it's also Baby Fox's birthday he gets a Birthday sits on our counter and birthday gifts go under it.  This years theme is Power Rangers. Usually we just go to Party City and buy the party decorations for the theme and then buy a few toys to sprinkle in too. I bought him 3 power ranger figures...speaking of which, they don't make any of the girl Power Rangers, I find that super annoying.

Those pictures back there, I want to find something Chritmasy to put back there...hmm..maybe next year I'll get some canvases printed with the kids in Christmas stuff...hey that's an idea...I wonder if they make canvas prints that size...

My first Youtube video, making these guys, aren't they cute?

I never showed you guys the kids Santa pictures. I love them.

And then she wasn't having it...and then every single time we saw Santa, this was her reaction. Gotta love the crying Santa pictures.

Here's Baby Fox's crying Santa photo

He's almost 2 here

I sort of love our Christmas card this year.

Names have been changed
Next week I'll show you the rest of our family photo shoot.

This past week Baby Fox had his first ever Christmas production. He made the cutest little Joseph there ever was. He smashed his lines (okay it was one line May Mary and I please stay at your Inn three times.)

That's all for now, Happy Friday and for those that are taking next week off, Happy week off of work! I get two weeks off, minus the few hours I'm going in on Tuesday, so excited to spend some time with the little people and see some friends.

Now go check out some of the other ladies to see what their houses look like.

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  1. You have a beautiful home and an even more beautiful family!

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  4. Your tree is so beautiful, and I love the silver bells. Cute Santa pics!

  5. cutest card ever!!
    your tree is so beautiful! I have tree envy from all of these posts

  6. Beautiful tree. it is absolutely exceptable to leave that up all year!! Awesome Christmas card too!! Great pics! Such a fun post!!

  7. The tree looks incredible & it looks like that spot was made for it! And what a great pic!

  8. I love all of these pictures! Your tree is gorgeous and that is the perfect spot for it. And how cool to have an ornament like that for over 30 years! Love it.